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Monday, July 20, 2009


Hello to those who haven't given up dropping by, after all there's really not much to see around these parts at the moment. Sorry about that but life just seems so full right now. So onto the update:

1. Boys came, boys saw, boys conquered. We all had a great time, especially them. They loved Thailand! It was great getting to know them and I was particularly taken by the older boy who was just so hungry for the experience and got so much out of this trip.

2. Found a new apartment. Stunning, and I mean STUNNING views. A balcony for Lupo and I've been arranging furniture in my head for two weeks! We move in on the 28th. It will mean a 30-minute ferry ride to and from where I work but it's worth it, to be with Lupo again.

3. Lupo and Toffee are now slated to travel end of August - Rhona again threw a spanner in the works by not getting Lupo's rabies jab done in time for an end of July travel date.

4. Bought a new bed. Super duper bed. Individual pocketed springs. And added memory foam Tempur Millenium pillows to the package. Wish I could afford a memory foam mattress but those babies are expensive!!! Heck the pillows were US$150 each but my goodness they feel incredible!

5. Survived a direct hit from a typhoon over the weekend. Bit of an odd one as some places reported nothing more than a spot of wind and rain, while other places had trees down and property damage. For us, up on the 35th floor in Mid-Levels, it sounded like the air-conditioner was going to be blown on top of us. Howling, screaming wind for about three hours during the night.

6. Will try and get a bit better with my posting - and with pics. Must show you all our new view once we're settled.

Hope all is well in everyone's universe, I do try to keep up with you and post on your blogs when I can.


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