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Monday, September 21, 2009


My boys are arriving on Thursday. THIS Thursday evening!

Bowls and mats, beds, litter box and litter, dry and wet food, brushes, poop bags, litter scooper, all purchased. And I have a very nice piece of rump steak in the freezer for Lupo's first dinner.

We're ready for them!

Oh, and my sister is arriving the same day (on an earlier flight). I've found a nice little studio apartment for her for a month and I'll meet her off an early flight in the morning. Settle her in, then we'll have Korean BBQ for lunch. A short familiarisation trip around Discovery Bay.

And I'm hoping and praying the boys survive their long travel in good health and no stress on their mental state.

I can't wait to have them back in my life! And Steve is looking forward to having them in his life. He and Lupo already get on so incredibly well :)

We're hoping my sister behaves while she's here.

Another milestone - Steve celebrated one year of living in Hong Kong, with me, yesterday. We got sozzled on a jug of very strong sangria at a little place overlooking the bay, then gorged on HUGE burgers at another restaurant, thankfully inside in the air-con - it is still UNBEARABLY hot here. We then went home with hangovers - I do not recommend copious amounts of sangria consumed in the extreme heat!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Weeping Glacier

From the UK online newspaper website MailOnline.

At first glimpse it looks like any other glacier you might find in the freezing Arctic wastes of Norway.

But on closer inspection an eerie face is depicted in the melting ice wall that appears to be crying a river of tears.

The forlorn-looking 'Mother Nature' figure appeared to locals during a thaw, with the melting ice and snow falling towards the sea below.

The striking image of the Austfonna ice cap, located on Nordaustlandet in the Svalbard archipelago, would seem certain to be heavily used by environmentalists protesting against climate change.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

My World As I Know It, Ends Today

After resisting company 'policy' for a couple of years, I have given in, folded, acquiesced. Today I will be issued with a new 'device' to replace my little buddy, the cell phone.

Now, while I do understand these things help us keep in touch and up to date, sometimes I feel I don't need to keep in touch or be quite so up to date. I kind of liked the reasoning that I didn't answer your email out of office hours quite simply because I didn't read it until returning to work the next day. I liked the fact that quite honestly if it was life or death urgent, you could press some numbers on YOUR BB and speak to me on MY CELL PHONE about it.

But, alas and alack, I am about to become one of the legion of BB owners who can't seem to go to a meeting, sit and have a coffee, stop and smell the roses, without scrolling and jabbing at these things. Personally I find it exceptionally rude to be in a meeting and not quite BE in a meeting because of distractions like this and I will NOT be taking mine into meetings. I do still plan to sit and sip on a delicious, soothing latte and I will not stop smelling roses - and preferably freesias and white ginger flowers.

Whatever the good of this upgrade may be, I am all too aware that the expectation of what I do in my free time (limited though it is) has quite definitely changed forever.



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