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Monday, September 21, 2009


My boys are arriving on Thursday. THIS Thursday evening!

Bowls and mats, beds, litter box and litter, dry and wet food, brushes, poop bags, litter scooper, all purchased. And I have a very nice piece of rump steak in the freezer for Lupo's first dinner.

We're ready for them!

Oh, and my sister is arriving the same day (on an earlier flight). I've found a nice little studio apartment for her for a month and I'll meet her off an early flight in the morning. Settle her in, then we'll have Korean BBQ for lunch. A short familiarisation trip around Discovery Bay.

And I'm hoping and praying the boys survive their long travel in good health and no stress on their mental state.

I can't wait to have them back in my life! And Steve is looking forward to having them in his life. He and Lupo already get on so incredibly well :)

We're hoping my sister behaves while she's here.

Another milestone - Steve celebrated one year of living in Hong Kong, with me, yesterday. We got sozzled on a jug of very strong sangria at a little place overlooking the bay, then gorged on HUGE burgers at another restaurant, thankfully inside in the air-con - it is still UNBEARABLY hot here. We then went home with hangovers - I do not recommend copious amounts of sangria consumed in the extreme heat!


Fusion said...

You're not excited or anything, are you? ;)

I know how much you've wanted this day to happen, so glad it's almost here! Enjoy your pups!

Why is your sister coming for a month? Is she thinking of moving there?

just a thought said...

I can't tell you how happy I am for you. Also, as much as I miss being a voyeuristic witness to your life, I'm glad you don't get on here much anymore.

Love and happiness to you, Fi.

Anonymous said...

how lovely and i as well am so glad that your "kids" will be back with you again---our pets bring so much to the table.

just a thought said...

Well???? It's like 10:35am Friday there. Did everyone make it in okay?

chele said...

Fi im so happy to hear your babies are there. I know its been a long time coming for you. I dont get on here often but for some reason i did today and im glad I did!!

much love to you..

Gillette said...

Dayum...time flies. Seems like the two of you just met.

And congratulations on the anniversary, Fiona.

You sound so happy. And this makes me happy for you.



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