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Monday, March 04, 2013

Love and Lupo

One cold Spring day, I found two little bundles of fluff dumped behind my apartment entrance gate in Tenerife.  Little did I know the impact they would have on my life, my sister's life and Anders' life.

Anders fell in love with little brown baby, and called him Love (Loo-vay) in Swedish.  I had already fallen in love with the poorly little black baby who was much smaller and not very well.

Scroll on 13 years.  Love passed away late last month unexpectedly after a short illness. They discovered a tumor on his spleen and when they opened him up to remove it, found a large tumor on his liver and Anders took the heart-wrenching decision to let him go and not suffer through the pain after surgery for a very short life expectancy.  With my heart in my throat I immediately took Lupo to the vet and he was quickly booked in for an xray and ultrasound. 

This was done on Saturday and the worst of the worst has been discovered.  While there is a growth on his spleen similar to his brother, what is much more worrying and serious is a primary lung tumor which has been detected, plus some other lumps in his chest area and an enlarged heart.  More investigation is to be done, still to decide between a needle biopsy, CT scan or going in with a scope and taking a sample then.  The vet has said I am probably looking at six months, barring a miracle.

I'm putting this here instead of on my FB page because I haven't told my sister yet...she's his second mama, having looked after him for me for almost 8 of his 13 years.  So please don't mention it there if you know me here and there.

I know I should be grateful for 13 years of life with Lupo.  But my heart is breaking at the thought of losing my sparkle-eyed boy.


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