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Monday, December 14, 2015

My Sister is Gone

Rhona Kilburn Alexander
27 June 1963 - 12 December 2015

Rhona passed away on Saturday in Tenerife, of a suspected suicide (Xanax overdose).  We are all stunned and in disbelief.  There are some things which lead us to suspect this wasn't a suicide and I'm going to go to the ends of the earth if the person we suspect of doing something to harm her, is found to be responsible. 

Whatever the autopsy result, he damaged her soul in such a way, she had no hope.  He battered her physically and mentally for six years.  And sadly, she thought she didn't deserve any better so kept going back to him.  There were glimmers of hope now and then but in the end, he always was able to draw her back in.  I tried every which way to get her to see the truth but she fought against that.  I did manage to separate them late last year and things seemed to be improving for her, she had a flicker of lightness about her, but I learned recently they were back together.  I have always feared the worst from this relationship and sadly, in whatever way, it has come to pass.

Rhona and I had an often troubled relationship as you all know, but I always loved her.  She drove me mad sometimes and we spent some time not speaking, but as sisters we were bonded for life.  When I told my brother (from whom she was estranged) he said, well Fiona it's just us now.  Strange feeling that. 

Rhona, I hope you have finally found some sort of peace, hopefully with all the animals who left before you and are waiting to greet you.  Maybe Mum and Dad are there - if so, no doubt Dad will give you a bit of a talking to!  52 was way too young to go.  Especially the way you left, whether by mistake, on purpose or at someone else's hand.  Those truths are yet to come.


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