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Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Adventures

In a few hours, off I go, heading to London as the first stop. Steve will be shortly behind me and I'll meet him off his flight. More time together - yipppppeeeeeeee :)

I'm not taking my computer so will be back here when I'm home again. Well kind of home, as home is where my love and I are together.

Everyone be safe.

P.S. Someone put "I HATE YOU" on my fridge - I wonder what the hell that is about!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Phuket Photos 5

View from one side of the bedroom

and from the other side

You could choose what kind of pillows you preferred, from the sample box

and every day they set up a new scent in the bedroom, complementing incense sticks and burning oils

Welcome to the pleasure dome :)

Gorgeous colours, finishes, fabrics!

Anuja asked them to do this on our bed, on our last night :)

The bathroom wing - vanity areas to the left and right, then toilet to the left, shower and steam room to the right, outdoor bath ahead, through the doors

Even the toilet was adorned with an orchid

and it was such a beautiful place to spend time :)

This is the shower/steam room - rainshower and conventional shower and it converted to an incredible steam room - 10 mins in there and then straight into the pool !

A vanity for her....

and a vanity for him

The living room wing

and our own coffee machine in the mini-bar area

Phuket Photos 4

Oh, the tales this sunlounger could tell, if only it could talk ;)

A rainy day, and the lily pond outside the bedroom

This is the view from the 'throne'!

Even, or maybe especially, in torrential rain, there is so much beauty

The lounging area between villa and pool

The daytime sala where you can have spa treatments - we preferred a trip to the actual spa for ours :)

Looking out from the living room, bedroom on the left

The outside bath....we didn't even have time to splish-splash in it

This is the view that greets you, when you open the villa's main door - big 'wow' factor

This is just outside the bedroom

The jacuzzi was put to very good use :)

Shower next to the pool

The path leading from the main entrance to the villa itself, over the lily pond

Phuket Photos 3

One morning when we weren't being quite so lazy, we walked to the main hotel building for breakfast, usually we were picked up in a golf cart

The main lobby area in the hotel

and another view of the lobby

This is the view from the bar, at night

and the view from our breakfast table in the morning

The golf course cafe (great Phad Thai!)

and looking out over the greens

Settling up with their caddies at the end of the round - these women cover up from head to toe because of the intense sun

The hotel's main swimming pool

Pretty deserted as a lot of villas have their own pools

;) though not everyone is so lucky

Phuket Photos 2

Water lilies in the pond at the hotel lobby

and in our ponds around the villa

Countless birds of paradise blossoming in our garden

This little fella joined us at breakfast every day

and didn't go hungry ;)

This is the shrine for the tree spirits at the oldest banyan tree in the grounds of the hotel

One of our little visitors

and this beauty took up residence in the bathroom one rainy afternoon

It rained a lot - and Steve took some beautiful photos

On arrival you're greeted with the equivalent of a tiny Thai lei, which you slip over your hand onto your wrist - these flowers smell so gorgeous

The shape of those is so amazing!


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