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Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Adventures

In a few hours, off I go, heading to London as the first stop. Steve will be shortly behind me and I'll meet him off his flight. More time together - yipppppeeeeeeee :)

I'm not taking my computer so will be back here when I'm home again. Well kind of home, as home is where my love and I are together.

Everyone be safe.

P.S. Someone put "I HATE YOU" on my fridge - I wonder what the hell that is about!!


2amsomewhere said...


Sorry you're being subject to nasty anonymous attacks. I've had my share of them over the past couple of years in the comment section, so I know how it feels.

I'm beginning to believe that nothing good can come from putting up a refrigerator magnet widget. At one point or another, it is used by an enemy to make a hurtful statement. It's as if a kid's toy is an invitation to childish behavior.

A few weeks back, I had an IM conversation with someone who was distraught because someone had left a rather distasteful message about her on a similar widget on someone else's MySpace page.

Enjoy the trip, Fiona.


Jac said...

Ah, clearly, someone's just jealous. And isn't it grand to have so many blessings for others to want? You deserve them all. Have a great respite!

S'mee said...

Probably hates all fridges Fi, not just yours!

Have a great trip and don't do anything I would do. No! That's wrong..... but you know what I mean. X

Fusion said...

I'm with Jac here, saw all those pictures, hear how happy you are...

Sad little life they have, *shrug*, oh well.

We love ya ;)

Loving Annie said...

Londin is fabulous, Fiona - have a great time with Steve too !!!

That was a horrible thing for someone to do on your fridge. They must be very angry and unhappy with their lives/themselves. Take it down and know it has nothing to do with you - it is about them being unkind.

Anonymous attacks are cowardly. Do you have a stat counter ? Then you can identify them pretty easily.

Veracity said...

Have a great trip and enjoy your time together!!

I wouldn't bother with the anonymous fridge comment. There'll always be the odd person who'll abuse the opportunities given to express themselves.

Charmed said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Some just can't stand to see other people happy. So, don't worry, just be yourself and be happy.

karen said...

Hope you have a great trip Fiona!

Miss you and your wisdom...but not blogland.

Take Care my love x

freebird said...

Hi Fi *waving madly* are you back? I've missed you! How's it been?

Fiona said...

Hi 2am :) I put it down to some crank because honestly, I don't think I've given anyone reason to hate me - such a strong word that is. It is childish, and ignorant too, to do that. It was pretty much water off a duck's back for me, untruths can't hurt ;) Hope things are going well for you.

Jac :) What a great way to look at it - and it's true, it is probably just a bad case of jealousy :)

S'mee - what you mean I don't have a special 'fridge'? *L* Hell, I think we covered everything you would AND wouldn't do on this trip!

John - indeed it is a reflection of a sad, small life. So glad I have a happy, big one ;) Good to see you :)

Hi Loving Annie - saw very little of London bar a few airport hotels and a quick walk along the embankment. It was HOT in London and it's really not designed to cope with the heatwave they had on the day we passed through. York is awesome - have you been?

Veracity - we had an awesome time, as always. It's true about 'ugly', what those people don't realise is being that way hurts them a lot more than their targets!

Charmed - they're funny in a sad way. They think they have strength and power, all they have is bitterness and resentment ;)

Karen - hey you!!!! Long time. Drop me a mail sometime and tell me what's up with you. I miss your blog!

Freebird - Damn the 8th was a hot day, wasn't it!!! 28C in London. Waving back atcha - will update soon and hopefully Steve will flickr the holiday pics soon, so that I can share with you all :)


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