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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Phuket Photos 5

View from one side of the bedroom

and from the other side

You could choose what kind of pillows you preferred, from the sample box

and every day they set up a new scent in the bedroom, complementing incense sticks and burning oils

Welcome to the pleasure dome :)

Gorgeous colours, finishes, fabrics!

Anuja asked them to do this on our bed, on our last night :)

The bathroom wing - vanity areas to the left and right, then toilet to the left, shower and steam room to the right, outdoor bath ahead, through the doors

Even the toilet was adorned with an orchid

and it was such a beautiful place to spend time :)

This is the shower/steam room - rainshower and conventional shower and it converted to an incredible steam room - 10 mins in there and then straight into the pool !

A vanity for her....

and a vanity for him

The living room wing

and our own coffee machine in the mini-bar area


patsy said...

Amazing doesn't even begin to describe it! Thank so much for sharing! xoxo

Jac said...

Who say's Paradise is lost?

Veracity said...

Wonderful pics. Lovely to see the inside of a beautiful resort such as this. Ditto for me - thanks for sharing... ;)

Loving Annie said...

Increeibly lovely and sensuous, Fiona ! What a roantic setting ! would you be willing to provide the link to the hotel ? i'd like to keep it in mind --

Fusion said...

Wow Fiona, great photos! Looks like you and Steve were pampered very well, which makes it even easier to pamper each other ;)

freebird said...

It all looks like the perfect dream! How lovely.... but where are you two???

karen said...

Oh! You were married! How wonderful! Congratulations Fiona and Steve. Your honeymoon photos are beautiful!


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