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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Phuket Photos 4

Oh, the tales this sunlounger could tell, if only it could talk ;)

A rainy day, and the lily pond outside the bedroom

This is the view from the 'throne'!

Even, or maybe especially, in torrential rain, there is so much beauty

The lounging area between villa and pool

The daytime sala where you can have spa treatments - we preferred a trip to the actual spa for ours :)

Looking out from the living room, bedroom on the left

The outside bath....we didn't even have time to splish-splash in it

This is the view that greets you, when you open the villa's main door - big 'wow' factor

This is just outside the bedroom

The jacuzzi was put to very good use :)

Shower next to the pool

The path leading from the main entrance to the villa itself, over the lily pond

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Loving Annie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - I could have stayed for a week !!!


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