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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Phuket Photos 3

One morning when we weren't being quite so lazy, we walked to the main hotel building for breakfast, usually we were picked up in a golf cart

The main lobby area in the hotel

and another view of the lobby

This is the view from the bar, at night

and the view from our breakfast table in the morning

The golf course cafe (great Phad Thai!)

and looking out over the greens

Settling up with their caddies at the end of the round - these women cover up from head to toe because of the intense sun

The hotel's main swimming pool

Pretty deserted as a lot of villas have their own pools

;) though not everyone is so lucky

1 comment:

Loving Annie said...

What an exquisite setting - I want to stay there ! YOU MUST HAVE loved IT !!!


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