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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Phuket Photos 2

Water lilies in the pond at the hotel lobby

and in our ponds around the villa

Countless birds of paradise blossoming in our garden

This little fella joined us at breakfast every day

and didn't go hungry ;)

This is the shrine for the tree spirits at the oldest banyan tree in the grounds of the hotel

One of our little visitors

and this beauty took up residence in the bathroom one rainy afternoon

It rained a lot - and Steve took some beautiful photos

On arrival you're greeted with the equivalent of a tiny Thai lei, which you slip over your hand onto your wrist - these flowers smell so gorgeous

The shape of those is so amazing!

1 comment:

Loving Annie said...

Every single thing about this place is exquisite ! I am so glad you took so many pictures, Fiona - thank you !!!


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