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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Living In The Moment...For The Moment

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Yesterday is gone, all my yesterdays are gone. Tomorrow is there, over the horizon, but like everyone else, it is uncertain to me. I wish for it and I work towards it, but I cannot know with absolute certainty that it will be mine.

I've known too many people who stopped at today, while thinking they had tomorrow, to be so sure. And even if I do see tomorrow, how many tomorrows will there be for me? After all, it's only when my tomorrows become my todays that they are truly mine.

That's when I own them, only then. And I do own my todays. I'll make no excuses for what isn't done, what isn't had, what isn't gained. Yes there are things in my life that hinge on others, but I won't rely on them to make things happen for me. I shall speak the words I feel, I shall reach out and touch the people I want to touch.

I, and only I, am in charge of me.


Sunny Delight said...

I try to so hard to do just that, live those moments...sometimes I forget, I like what you wrote...."that's when I own them, only then, And I do own my todays." thanks for the thought provoking post....and visting me, which led me to find yours :)

Fiona said...

thank you for visiting SD and for your kind words....i very much enjoy your site!!!!

DG said...

as you speak it, so it becomes true...

Fiona said...

yes it does DG, it really does...and i shall always speak it :)

Steve said...



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