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Monday, July 31, 2006

The Voice Inside My Head

Speaks to me of so many things. Sometimes it contradicts my heart. Sometimes it guides it. Sometimes it agrees with it. And sometimes, just sometimes, it leads me astray and I wonder where I am. And it wonders alongside me, asking me how I got here, why am I here, what purpose is there in this situation? And I say to it - hey wasn't it you who brought me to this place?

At times I think I'm going to go crazy listening to it. Especially when it doesn't question me as to why I'm doing something that I know is so bad for me, it makes my stomach cramp and feel queezy. Isn't my brain supposed to be my ally, isn't it supposed to look after me? When I sleep does it plot against me?

Is there something missing in my cognitive process, when I do things that are not for the good of me? Is cognitive dissonance taking over? Does anyone else feel this conflict? Is there a rational explanation?


Steve said...

Our minds can lie to us, but our bodies can't. I am not just talking about body image, but about how we feel. Although, what we look like in the mirror, can also be a sign of something going on with us.

Fiona said...

So very true Steve.


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