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Friday, August 04, 2006

The Eyes Have It

I was organising my picture folders the other day and something struck me as I came across the folder with my own pictures in it. That my eyes hide nothing.

There are pictures of me as a child and pre-teen that show haunted eyes. Pictures of me growing into my early twenties with an incredible softness, maybe even submission, in those eyes. Then into my thirties I see a whole range of things shining through, running the gamut from good to bad and back again.

In my forties I seem to have been avoiding the camera, but there are a few from these times. I have one picture taken just over three years ago, when I was involved for the first time with a man who seemed to love me. My eyes did sparkle then. My heart and soul sparkled with what I was feeling. It later turned out to be another of life's disappointments though.

And now, looking at a recent photo, I see the strangest thing - that I seem to be expressing divergent emotions through each eye. They are a matching pair, unlike my mother who has one brown eye and one blue eye. But still, they seem to be saying different things.

Do you see it?

To me MY right eye (to your left) looks guarded and hardened - my past? While MY left eye (to your right) seems softer and more inviting - my future?

Perhaps eyes are like palms and should be read separately. Though together they reflect everything I am and everything I feel. And everything I see ahead of me as well as behind me. I wonder if, in the coming years, there will be more changes to them. If I have my way, my right eye will match my left eye in time.

Update from comments : Sad young eyes


Steve said...

yes...I can see the difference...your right eye does look more 'guarded'... but maybe it's just a shadow... maybe it will lighten and soften like the other eye in time. How you see others has lightened, hasn't it?

Both eyes are beautiful by the way.

Fiona said...

It's true Steve I have come to see very differently as the years pass. And thank you :)

~TVS said...

Yup, I see it too.

Fiona said...

thank you for visiting ~tvs

Sunny Delight said...

It's funny, I used to think eyes were readable, and mine are to the extent that color intensity seems to change with emotion...although that may be something only I see...what intriqued me about your post is 2 things....looking at pictures of myself taught me that my own can hide....and also you metioned the haunted eyes of your childhood..that is something I seem to be noticing more and more lately...the "old soul", or possibly haunted eyes of very young children.

Fiona said...

Mine change colour a lot SD. From a deep olive of anger, to a very pale green of sexual delight.

Some children have to grow up too fast, it's sad. And yes, some come into this world from previous experiences and carry those with them.

Polyman2 said...

Eyes are the windows to the soul.

Fiona said...

That they are Polyman2. Thank you for visiting and posting :)


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