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Friday, August 18, 2006

The Limitation of Could

"So much COULD happen...how many let those coulds stop them?"

I found this comment by Sunny on lePhare's blog and it has has had me thinking all afternoon.

I'm not one to let could stop me. In a way, the risk of could is often what makes me want to do it even more. Am I tempting fate by always running head on at my coulds?

Some of my coulds have come true, that's for certain. I could have lost my shirt investing in a business with an ureliable partner. Yes, I could and I did.

And sometimes coulds are good things. I could get hurt by letting myself love him. Yes I could, and maybe I did a little. But I'm so very glad I got to share what I did with him.

Don't ever let the coulds limit the possibilities of your cans and wills and shalls.


Sunny Delight said...

*VBS* Woo Hoo I am quotable! lol

I wish I was the type to not let the coulds sometimes rule me...its funny..different types of risks effect me differently...after 9/11 and so many seemed so frightened to travel, to fly, I would not have let that could stop me..had many arguments over that in fact...but when it comes to very personal decisions..I sometimes wonder...am I allowing my coulds to stop me? Freeze me in my tracks?

I think you are quotable too..love your last sentence!


Miranda said...

Very good post. Shoulda, coulda, woulda....are excuses...thats a really good last line.

Fiona said...

You sure are quotable Sunny!!

I took off to London two days after 9/11, in a virtually empty plane, and then sat with many shell-shocked Americans at Gatwick airport who'd been there for three days and didn't know when they'd be getting home (I was connecting through to a European flight).

There was a three-minute silence held at the airport while I sat there....what an incredibly chilling thing it was to sit in a crowded airport in absolute silence.

I spoke to one man, Bill...maybe I'll post about him one day. I still think about him even now.

I think, Miranda, having read your blog over the past few days, you are definitely grabbing at your coulds *S*

Sunny Delight said...

I think hearing your experiences would be wonderful....

It is hard to imagine an entire airport in total silence...it had to be a very strange and challenging experience...I can understand the fears. I really can..but it also cannot stop us from living, so much of the world has lived with that fear so much longer than we americans...it has been an eyeopener and perhaps a worldopener...not sure any of this is making sense.


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