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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Aloha Och Aye

Well, it's done. Flights are booked for me approaching Honolulu from Hong Kong and my sister approaching it from Tenerife via London. That was QUITE the marathon. After deliberating about flying with her from London, I dropped that idea very quickly when I discovered I'd be flying (never mind ground time) for over 32 hours, to basically get somewhere that is about 10 hours from me!!

So we'll be meeting up in Honolulu rather than London. But then we'll fly back to London together and up to Edinburgh (then the train down to Berwick-upon-Tweed and by car back across the border into Scotland) to spend some time with our mum. We'll have 5 nights in Honolulu, 5 nights in Scotland and 2 nights in London. And various nights on an assortment of aircraft!

I can't deny that there is some guilt involved, she and I will be off holidaying together and spending time having fun, when those extra days could be spent with our mum. However, I think we both need and deserve a holiday too (knowing time in Scotland is never easy time) and we haven't been away together for over 20 years.

My sis works hard, earns next to nothing and takes care of the most precious things in my life - my dog and two cats. She has done that for the last five and a half years and in exchange I give her my apartment to live in. Even then, though, times are hard in her chosen profession. She works as a divemaster in the dive centre I set up and then sold, Aqua-Marina. So Hawaii is a little gift and to say she's stoked is an understatement, she's already learning the local lingo!! Expect photos, she's a natural with a camera.

What I'm not looking forward to is all the planes I'll be on:

Hong Kong to Tokyo
Tokyo to Honolulu
Honolulu to Denver
Denver to Chicago
Chicago to London
London to Edinburgh
Edinburgh to London
London to Hong Kong

And because of the fact it's cheaper to buy a round trip than a one-way ticket, I'm holding Hong Kong to London and London to San Francisco sectors which I can't use on this trip. Methinks another trip will be up my sleeve before too long!

From Aloha

To Och Aye


Dylan The Viking said...

you scared to fly? you have more of a chance of getting into a car crash than a plane crash


Fiona said...

hahahahahahaha not in the least Dylan - I've chalked up hundreds of thousands of miles in the last few years.

Now the discomfort factor - that's what I'm not looking forward to, there are some serious long-haul sectors in there!!

I agree totally about the likelihood of things going amiss more easily with one's feet on the ground.

Welcome *S*

Miranda said...

Holy cow I hope your getting more airmiles for that trip, thats more than I do in 5 years.

Fiona said...

I certainly am Miranda - although the joy of airmiles is that whenever you want to use them, the flights you want are full!!

My travelling has slowed down considerably...there was a time that every 6 weeks I was doing a longhaul - I got tired of that really fast!

LePhare said...

I've ordered good weather for you, so fingers crossed.


Fiona said...

Ian! Thank you so much. The good weather always helps. Can you imagine this big city girl in that little fishing village ... and not a Starbucks in sight :)

Sunny Delight said...

you have quite a trip planned out there, but I know without a doubt it is something you need, and deserve! Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!

And may I ask who is doing the driving in Scotland...thinks it is time little sis gave big sis some driving lessons *L*

Fiona said...

Sis is driving...oh yes she is!!! The one good thing about that is that it keeps her off the hooch ;)

With my sis, guarantee Hawaii will be a blast. Scotland is heavy emotional stuff, but we have each other to keep us strong.


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