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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beta Boop

Sometimes I should just sleeping dogs lie. Or perfectly functioning blogs be.

I took the plunge and 'upgraded' to beta. Closed my eyes and pressed the button. Peeked with one eye, it looked exactly the same. Opened both eyes - yup all is good. Then....

When I went to add a comment to a post, that popped up - "The blog you were looking for was not found. Back to the Dashboard". My eyes went very wide at that point and I thought well poo, now I've lost all my comments?!

After fiddling around a little, it seems that the comments are only 'not found' in the Current Posts page and if you go to archive for November 2006, which of course includes current posts, you can see and add comments there.

Damned if I can figure that out but I've left a comment on the Blogger Help Board and let's see what comes from that.

Please don't give up commenting where you wish, and reading those who have. I'm afraid right now though, you'll have to click on November 2006 under Archive, to do so.

I suppose it could be worse. But it could also be one hell of a lot better too!

Update: Well that issue seems to have been resolved, thank goodness. However now it seems it's not possible to navigate back to my blog from my comments left on other blogs (mostly, I have seen one exception). While my profile settings are correct to be able to do that, it seems beta blogger doesn't care to oblige!!
Final Update: My profile link on comments at other blogs is now fixed. All systems are now go and thanks to the Blogger support team for their help!


freebird said...

Title made me smile, Fi :-D
Well, I can see your comments ok, and I'm commenting here (we'll see what happens when I click!)
I haven't taken the plunge myself yet for exactly those kind of fears.

Fiona said...

oooooh you're right FB, the comments are now appearing just fine.

Now for the second problem to get sorted, when I click on my name where I've commented on your blog, it tells me that my profile is not available which is an absolute lie *L*....I've set and reset and better reset my profile but nope, it doesn't fix it

sighs....makes navigating into my blog a bit more convoluted

Miranda said...

Lol...Im a lil nervous to try that. Maybe when Im feeling a lil more brave I'll try it.

freebird said...

You're right, I'm afraid. Just confirming that I can't get to you from my comments either.

Fiona said...

Hold off as long as you can Miranda!!! I'd switch back until it's more stable but unfortunately not an option.

Thanks FB, I suspected it wasn't just me....one of the blogger employees was trying to help out on the support group board today, hopefully he/she will get to my post about this issue and offer up a solution.

Sighs....with change there are always challenges....keep the faith!!

Fiona said...

Hmmmmm sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't....on different posts, my comments seem to link back to different profile IDs and depending on which it goes to, you either get through or not.

Oh well....let's hope they fix it soon!

Thanks for sticking with me!!!!

LePhare said...

I've been in armed conflict with Explorer7 for days now. I don't think I could handle any more problems at the moment. If it ain't broke......! Let us know how it all work out and warn us if it doesn't.


Jennifer said...

Mind if I test my comment here? (It's me, Jennifer, from your help thread on Blogger...)

Hoping this works.

Jennifer said...

Well, it worked. Totally puzzled.

Maybe individual blog owners can turn off their commenters' profiles?

Anyway, thanks for the help.

Fiona said...

Hi Jennifer - a pleasure to be of help! It's some sort of mixed bag, pot luck, as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't *L*

Fiona said...

I'll keep you posted Ian and I totally agree about the "If it aint broke..." concept!!

Ummm your problems...is that why we haven't seen an HNT yet this week ;)

Sunny Delight said...

I was afraid to try it for a long while...then last week I tried to take the plunge...it wouldn't let me...all I got was a message that my blog might be too big...now maybe that is because I have two under this name? dunno...guess they are just not ready for me yet *very big smile*

Fiona said...

From: Blogger Buzzer Date: Thurs, Nov 16 2006 10:52 am

Sorry, eyes-have for the trouble. You actually hit a bug. The good news is that we fixed it and it is being pushed to blogger.com. If you try to view your profile again in about 30 minutes it should work. Please let us know if you have further problems.


Good support service!!! All system are now go.

~TVS said...

Thanks for posting about your experience with Beta. Sounds like they are working out the kinks.


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