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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Needing to be filled

I am able to breathe slowly, calmly, easily,
without restriction

My heart no longer hurts
isn’t feeling squeezed anymore

I feel strong mentally
able to put across any point I believe in

I feel secure in myself

I need no acceptance nor appraisal from others
to feel so

I feel capable and knowledgeable

I am comfortable with the responsibility that comes
with those traits

I feel safe
I am safe

I feel love
I can love

I can trust

I have no fear of the future

I know and understand what it is to feel

I am a complete person
Not bits and pieces inside
a bunch of skin.

~ Author unknown, used in treatment at Nechako Centre, Prince George, BC ~


Zibi said...

Lovely words...

Steve said...

I like this, Fi...

I hear that "Differentiation" is one of the most loving things that one can do for those they love...

Fiona said...

It is beautiful....and strong, I agree guys.

"I feel love
I can love"

and I AM loving right now in my life and it's a new and different and positive and good kind of loving.

I always enjoy learning of your viewpoints Steve :)

In the longest relationship of my life, I was a codependent enabler, but now

"I am a complete person
Not bits and pieces inside
a bunch of skin."

And I will never let my need to be needed for what I can provide, override my desire to feel loved for who I am, ever again.

Miranda said...

*smiles* very nice.

Steve said...

Very good!!! :)

chele said...

I need to think on this one. With the things going on in my life right now I can use this Fio..and you knew that I'm sure.

Fiona said...


you are strong, but hurt....
you are confident, but hesitant....
you are valued and valuable, but doubting right now

It will all be OK hon....you are worth better than you have been given.

And I'm here for you as always.


Sunny Delight said...

Ah these words ring true for so many of us at different times of our lives....they are words to hold onto..when that emptiness tries to return....

Thank you for posting this...something we all need to read more than once.

Anonymous said...

That was like chocolate for the spirit.

No matter how low I ever get, keeping me down is damn near impossible. :)

Thanks for sharing, Fiona!!!


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