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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Other Man In My Life

Lupo. My adored little boy. I took this picture a few days after I found them. This is him (on the right) with his brother Love (pronounced loo-vay) who was adopted by a friend and now lives in Sweden.

I found them when I was living in Tenerife, abandoned and dumped just outside where I was living. The vet reckoned they were about four weeks old at the time and Lupo was very very sick, he couldn't even keep water down. I was told not to get too attached to him. Well you can see even in that photo that he wasn't quite as bright-eyed as his brother. I was working all day in the dive centre and when I'd take them out for walkies, each one fit in the palm of my hand. Those are cat harnesses they're wearing in the photo, that's how tiny they were and all long legs and feet and ears!!

I really was so worried about Lupo, he was getting weaker and weaker and then one day, about 10 days after finding them, he threw up and out came about three feet of cling wrap!! They must have been living on garbage but how they survived to even four weeks amazes me. After that he came along leaps and bounds.

I nursed them along and they were in my life 24/7 for the first four months and then a friend adopted his brother. I hadn't planned on having a dog as I had two cats already, but there was no way I could ever even think about giving him up by then. When my sister came over to run the business for me, she brought her little Jack Russell, an East-London dog she named Shaz. This is the two of them in their 'scuba' gear!!

Of course he has had his very naughty stages, like the time I bought him a new ball

and this happened to it - don't you love the look on his face? No it wasn't me, honest it wasn't...ummm ok ok and I feel so bad *L*

mmmmmmmmmmmm do I see steak?

My boy just loves the mountains

and the beach
but his favourite is the snow which he gets to run in once a year when the snow collects on the top of Teide (the volcano on the island)

and all that fun does make for a very yawny dog

and that of course means crashing with his 'sister' at the end of the day in their own chair

No matter how long I'm away from him, he always gives me the most wonderful welcome when we see each other again. Although he's now more my sister's dog than mine as she's had him for the past six years, while I was in his life for only the first year, we will always have that bond. He's so wonderful, one of those intelligent, kind, sensitive dogs. I do love him so.

And I'll be seeing him soon. January or February I'll be visiting him in Tenerife and my sis and I plan on having a vacation then, probably going over to La Gomera or El Hierro or La Palma (other islands in the Canaries) as they can be reached by ferry and the dogs get to go too!

My Lupo. My adored boy. Not only by me, but by everyone who meets him.


chele said...

Da Loo!! He is such a precious pup. His american boxer brother really wishes he could play with him, now that would be a site to see im sure hehe! He is a lucky puppy to have such a wonderful life and love!

Miranda said...

Awww...they are sooo cute!

Steve said...

Beautiful pictures, Fi! He is a gorgeous doggy! :) Lupo looks very kind, and fun to be with!

LePhare said...

Realy wonderful pictures. Wouldn't be without ours.

Fiona said...

Yessssss Da Loo (chele knows his nickame *VBS*)

Thank you guys .... and Steve, he's just like me ;)

Sunny Delight said...

I hope you have a wonderful time playing with him when you go....and I bet he is just like you..loving and fun! I keep picturing that upchuck of clingwrap though....poor thing!

Fiona said...

It was terrible Sunny but it was also the start of his recovery...I really did think I'd lose him. Mind you they managed to give me ringworm before they were done with me!!! I slept on the sofa with them as little puppies...the guy I was with wasn't overjoyed about me taking them in *L*

Lupo is the smart one...Love is pretty but oh dear not the smartest. At work I had to keep them on their leashes and attached to my desk chair, Love repeatedly chewed through LUPO's leash *L* and then would sit there with a 'huh?' look on his face as Lupo was off doing his cute puppy bit and he was still sitting attached to the chair *L*

Well, I am a dog in the chinese horoscope and if I'm half the dog Da Loo is, I'll be delighted *VBS*

~TVS said...

Wonderful photos. Great looking pups!


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