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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What Do I Miss?

Oh so many things.

The tactile nature of the two of us together.

The sharing of thoughts, even silently.

The awakening of all my senses.

The passion with which we connect.

The conversation, the laughter, the tears.

Looking into his beautiful eyes, seeing his gorgeous smile.

His kisses, oh how I miss those kisses of his!

But, most of all, I miss sharing space with him.

I miss being in the same room, or in the same car.

I miss sitting next to him in a restaurant booth.

I miss looking over at him, to find him looking at me.

I miss looking at him until he finds me looking at him.

I miss the way we lock eyes and then both smile.

I miss the way we fit together in every way possible.

I miss the comfort of him being close.

I miss just being with him.

I miss him.

And yet, I don't. Because no matter how many miles or time zones separate us, nothing can separate us.


Miranda said...

That was beautiful.

Sally said...

It must feel wonderful to have that kind of security in a relationship.
I love hearing about it :)

Sunny Delight said...

such a lovely way to show how you miss him...and love him.

Fiona said...

I do miss his physical presence...but he wraps himself around me emotionally, every second of every minute of every hour of every day!

Anonymous said...

"No matter how many miles or time zones separate us, nothing can separate us."

Well said, Fiona.

Fiona said...

The only thing that could ever separate us, is ourselves.

Zibi said...



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