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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Elusive Sleep

I don't know what's wrong with me but I just can't sleep lately. Last night I woke at 3:45am, the night before 3:30am and the night before that 3:20am. Which is fine over the weekend but when I have to come to work after only a couple of hours of sleep (because I don't go to sleep ever before 12:30am at the EARLIEST), it's kind of rough on me for the first few hours.

So far today (and not even 9:30am yet) I've had a

grande latte with:


then..... and

I think I'll be bouncing off the ceiling in a little while....and I am craving another diet coke already!!!

Update at 11:15am..... cracking another diet coke....yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaw

I wonder if it would be a bad idea to hit the Red Bull at lunchtime? I've consumed 536.8 mg of caffeine already!!!

No Red Bull at lunchtime, just another of these.

New caffeine count 581.4 mg!!

Will I ever sleep again??


Green-Eyed Girl said...

Diet Coke = nectar of the gods

And I can't sleep either. :(

When will this end???

Fiona said...

Soooooooooooooooooooooon I hope!!!!

From one green-eyed girl to another, have you tried melatonin? Works for me but I haven't had the foresight to take it early enough. This weekend though, watch out, and then I may just sleep through Christmas!!

Not a bad idea actually.

Switches to water for a change of pace :)

Matt Kohai said...

I used to drop caffeine pills into my Coke, back when I worked at a brokerge house as a cold caller. After trying to crawl out of my skin one too many times, I sarted just adding the pills to water and sipping them (very bitter, but effective).

GEG: Try Rozerem - it's a prescription drug that increases natural melatonin production. It works for some - for me, it's just making me dream like crazy, which is in itself disturbing my sleep...blah.

Fiona said...

To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;

Hazel said...

There's certainly SOMETHING in that diet coke which is addictive...god knows what, but I'm sure there is. If you drink it then a little while later you craze more. I've been there. An ex coke addict, in the purist sense of course lol...seriously get off the bleedin' stuff or you will surely have more trouble sleeping and your insides will rot (I'm being serious? Course not!). All that caffeine....blimey.

Boring but warm/hot milk with a teaspoon of sugar before bedtime is really relaxing and soothing/sleep inducing I find. A good book can be quite soporific (although ironically I find it has the opposite effect on me!). Nothing worse than not getting enough sleep - as a mother of three children I really HAVE been there :S.

Hazel said...

...."you craze more"???? Sorry 'crave' replaces 'craze' of course. :S

Anonymous said...

Sleep prescription:

one comfortable bed. One hot, naked man/woman (your preference).
Lots of sex = exhaustion = sleep

ha ha ha.

Wouldn't it be nice if it were only that easy?

Fiona said...

Hazel....I both crave AND craze it!!! I've taken a vow of caffeine celibacy today, which I've broken with a regular latte (2 shots only) but NOW I'm celibate! So much so I have a 7-Up Light by my side.

Sally, in just over two weeks that will be an option...but as for sleep hell no, no time for sleep then ;)

freebird said...

Ooooooof, nooooooooo! Any later than breakfast and caffeine gives me palpitations! I have a similar sleep pattern though, and usually drop off just before it's time to get up and then can't wake up. Maybe it's a green-eyes thing!

anna said...

I rarely drink coffee. If I have just one cup, I end up feeling like I'm bouncing off the walls for hours and hours.

I hope you get some quality sleep soon.


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