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Friday, December 15, 2006

My Little Corner of the Corporate World

Once upon a time, I had my own little office. With a door I could close and even lock. With blinds across the glass 'wall' I could draw if needed. Where I could deal with work and people away from prying eyes and listening ears. Where I had a Klee print on the wall and an eastern rug on the floor. I loved my little 'home away from home'. Well, as someone who spends at least 14 hours a day at work, I wanted to make my environment warm and inviting.

But, since we did a total revamp of our offices (we have two complete floors in the building) over a year ago, I now have a little space within a large space. No walls. No blinds. No doors. So much more 'corporatey'. In my line of work, it really does make things difficult at times for me and the worst part is that fewer people now come to see me. If they do want time with me, we have to find a meeting room. It puts them off making the effort. I know it prevents me doing my job as effectively as I once did it.

Oh well, the corporate world in its infinite wisdom decided to 'open up communication'. Which is fine and dandy but I'm sure I don't want the rest of the people I work with to know what compensation package I'm offering a new manager. Nor do those who seek me out to talk about personal issues, really care to share it with everyone within hearing distance!

So, this is my little space now. Well part of it, there's a little more than in these pics. The main area of my desk is to the left, but that day, as always, it was covered in work files so I just took a pic of the more interesting part. And I have more work surfaces behind and to the side of me. It's a nice little area, and I've made it so noone can sneak up on me, giving me time to cover sensitive information be it on the screen or on my desk. It's amazing how eyes wander when people are in my work area!

And this in particular is the 'me' part. Where I surround myself with people I care about. My dad, Nooj and her family, Lupo. Yes, Lupo is 'people' to me!! Our official policy is no more than two personal photographs to be displayed. Yeah right, as you can see I follow THAT rule!! Actually one of the hats I wear is that of office manager so I'm supposed to enforce such anal regulations. And which I refuse to do.

Rhona sent me these for my birthday - I love them!!! And if they ever do try to enforce this two-photos-only rule, well I can have at least four as I'm still entitled to have a mousepad and a mug....

So now you know where I spend most of my waking hours. And from where I so very often write these little missives.


chele said...

OH! "da loooo" I love it! I need to see about a Tango mug don't I..perfect gift from rhona..she did GOOD!

I love seeing your world and where you chat to us all from. I can understand about your "space" though as I am dealing with the same problems at school. We need an inviting place for the kids to take their "chill out" time. I end up sitting in a cold classroom at a scared wooden table, cold hardwood floors with blaring florescent lights over head. I think an inviting room makes people feel calmer and of course welcome!

LePhare said...

Where's the choc biscuit tin? In one of the drawers, I bet. You don't blog when you should be working, surely not?

Fiona said...

She did VERY good chele *VBS* the more 'da loooo' I have around me, the happier I am *S*

I hope you get the space you need, environment makes such a difference!!

Errrmmmm Ian yes, tis true *L*....but mostly I write during my lunch break and anyway I figure I give them 14 hours vs. most people's 8.5 hours, I can claw back just a little!! If I had a choc biscuit tin it would always be empty!!!!

freebird said...

It's so tidy! I'd better not post a pic of my work area :-[ And I wish I could arrange my desk so that I can't be crept up on!

Fiona said...

FB what you don't see is INSIDE my drawers ;)

Oh how I managed that is by involving myself heavily in the space design stage for the offices and re-jigging the original plans so that I have a bank of windows, loads of storage (to keep my area tidy) and best of all the ability to see approaching danger ;)

The final layout looks nothing like the architect's plan and for a while there I was seriously thinking about a career change!!

I learned a lot during the six months of hell when we totally revamped our offices, put in a staircase between floors and basically shut down each floor at a time, moving people (120 of them) around while the tearing down and building back up took place!!

It was like a military manoevre!! And one I never want to repeat in my life!!

freebird said...

Fiona, what you have inside your drawers is YOUR business.

Fiona said...

Hahahahhahahha.....Hell FB, Ian was just in them looking for chokkie bikkies!!!!!

Sunny Delight said...

Your space is lovely, I do know what you mean about the privacy though people really do prefer that sense "no prying ears" when they want to discuss personal issues. One of my new coworkers visits me daily, and the first thing she does is close the door, which is always open otherwise.

And if you ever do change careers office design may just be your field. It looks very inviting...*hides eyes to keep from peeking in your drawers*

Fiona said...

LOL just ask Ian what he found there ;)

I do miss my door...and my rug....and my Klee

But all in all it's a comfortable and very nice environment. I'm lucky, I have worked in underground boxes before!!!


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