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Monday, January 22, 2007

Of Babies and Wishes and Dreams Come True

Yesterday, we gathered to celebrate the impending birth of a little boy. And we celebrated his parents.

It is so heart-warming to be part of such a wonderful occasion and to see the happiness in the expectation of such a glorious event. My friend is going back to her native Canada to give birth and will return to us in a couple of months. Gone will be her lovely rounded belly and instead we'll be introduced to her baby boy.

There is such joy in impending parenthood, and perhaps most of all, impending motherhood. I've seen my best friend struggle to become pregnant, and carry to term a wonderful human being. Now a boy, but a future man who will represent the best qualities possible. A man who will be a true reflection of all the good of his mother. And as of today, she is pregnant with her second child, not an easy passage but one she is facing with her usual amazing courage and determination. She will be a mother again, she deserves it so much.

My heart tears just a little each time I see my friends bringing forth life. Something I always wanted and will always wish I'd experienced. It wasn't to be for me though. I can, however, be a part of their happiness through their friendship and that, in itself, is an awesome gift.

I owe them more than they will ever know, for letting me share in the incredible experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.


Miranda said...

They are life's lil miracles. A wonderful thing.

Sally-Sal said...

When I see babies, I just grin. I can't help it.

Sunny Delight said...

Your friends and their children are blessed to have you in their lives as well. As I know from personal experience, you bring a veiwpoint that is so very helpful to me, thank you. Remember my daughter adores you and she doesn't even know you, only what I have told her....although not sure you really want Miss Punksters love at this time ~smile~

fingers and toes crossed

anna said...

Your post was very touching and brought tears to my eyes.

Fiona said...

They are Miranda, some more miracles than others :)

Don't you just love those faces Sally!!!! I know I do. And oh god that baby smell (not the soiled diaper one though *L*)

Oh Sunny thank you....that touched me...you too have helped me in so many ways....gosh just so many!! I think Miss Punksters is a great gal, even if she's causing problems...you'll see, she's awesome and through it all I know you haven't lost sight of that fact for one second!!

Anna...hugs...I know how close to your heart this subject is and I continue to wish wish wish good things for you!!

Matt Kohai said...

So.... "Auntie Fi?" ;)

Fiona said...

Absolutely Matt!!! And I do so love to spoil my little ones :)

I guess one good thing....I'll never be Grandma Fi *L*

chele said...

OH what great news..I was hoping you would let me know about nooj. Many congrats to her.

Emily said...

I am so glad that you can enjoy other people's children when you didn't get to have one yourself as you would have liked.

Children need more people around them than just their parents. I really wish the roles of beloved aunties, friends etc were more recognised.

Is it totally inappropriate to ask why you didn't have children? I came so close to not having a child myself, when I dearly wanted one, that I can't help asking...

Fiona said...

I'll email you Emily, it's something so painful that I'm not quite ready to put it here.


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