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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where I'll Be on Monday Night

Was hoping to go with Nooj, but unfortunately she's going to be laid up.

Waving my extra ticket around....anyone want to go????


chele said...

*sniffles* You know I adore them. Im jealous! They wont ever even be close to coming near where I live..hicksville isnt on their map I dont think lol

Have fun and think of me!!

Fiona said...

aawwww chele I'm sorry!!!!

Looks like Nooj is going to be 'laid up' so I'm taking Annie :)

They'd better be good, I got tickets in Row H and they cost me an arm and a leg - over $160 EACH!!!!!

Zibi said...

me me me ... pleeeease pick me!

Fiona said...

Can you get here by Monday evening Zibi??? ;)

Fiona said...

Boo hoo.....Annie can't make it.

I guess it's just going to be me and an empty seat next to me!!

I know who I'd REALLY love to go with, but that's not an option. :(

Sunny Delight said...

aww sorry about your option not being available, and sorry nooj and annie can't go either...sigh... now if only i had gotten my passport a lot earlier....and had the dollars to fly over there....what fun! I would even treat you to some ice cream after *VBS*

LePhare said...

Lucky 'B'........

Tears in my eyes when they sing Mama.

Fiona said...

mmmmm ice cream Sunny!!! I like it when my dates buy me ice cream ;)

aawwww Ian...I'll think of you when they sing that one...will that help? :)


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