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Friday, March 16, 2007

Lifting Pain's Veil

I know I've been doing a lot of reposting of Daily OMs recently. I'm not sure if it's apathy, laziness, insouciance or just plain having too many commitments on my time right now. Or maybe just being addicted to making sure I get something on here almost daily. All that aside, a large part of it is reading something I find resonates so loudly with me, that I just have to share.

Lifting Pain's Veil

Daily OM

It is natural to feel resentment or anger when life does not unfold as expected. We consciously or unconsciously anticipated one experience, and we grieve for the loss of it when the universe puts something else in our path. Most of the time, we work through these feelings and they pass. Occasionally, our anger and resentment do not fade and are instead transformed into bitterness. Bitter feelings allow us to become perfect victims in that we no longer feel obliged to work toward healing and choose instead to identify with our pain. Yet as unwholesome as bitterness can be, it is also a natural element of our emotional palette. When we acknowledge that it is okay to feel bitter, we reconnect with our hurt in a constructive way and can begin the process of working through it.

The nature of bitterness is rooted in the fact that the pain we feel provides us with a rationale. We may feel that we deserve to embrace our bitterness to its full extent. And to be bitter is, in essence, to cut ourselves off from all that is positive, hardening our hearts and vowing never to let go of our hurt. But just as bitter feelings can be self-defeating, so too can the release of bitterness be life-affirming in a way that few other emotional experiences are. When we decide that we no longer want to be bitter, we are reborn into a world filled with delight and fulfillment unlike any we knew while in the clutches of bitterness. The veil it cast over our lives is lifted, letting light and warmth touch our souls.

Divesting yourself of bitter feelings can be as simple as truly forgiving and moving on. Even when your bitterness has no concrete object, you can forgive situations too. Healing pain can be challenging but may be easier if you remind yourself that you are the only entity truly affected by your emotional state. In time, you will discover that letting go of your bitterness frees you to initiate the healing process and allows you to once again celebrate the possibility of the more wonderful life you deserve.


Anonymous said...

"Healing pain can be challenging but may be easier if you remind yourself that you are the only entity truly affected by your emotional state."

Its so true but it's so hard to do. Why does a person, why do I, hang onto my anger for so long? As a reminder? A cautionary tale? I don't know why anymore, it just want it to go away, for good.

Fiona said...

Deb, you have a lot to be angry about....and you're not alone. I have great difficulty in 'forgiving', in fact I'm not sure I ever truly do. I accept and move on, but there are things that hurt me very deeply and I'm never going to forget, but I just have to find the proper place for them.

Hugs - while anger from the past may be gone, in a way we carry it with us still, most often in the deeper understanding we gain.

freebird said...

I love these quotes, Fi. I've signed up myself now, so thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to something from *you* again soon... just when you're ready, hon! :-) Hope you're ok. x


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