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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Minty Goodness

Matt told me about these mints and I've ordered some. Now I'm drooling in anticipation. CAFFEINATED mints people. The perfect thing as I've given up my liquid milk-based caffeine intake of my morning latte. Despite several days of withdrawal headaches, I'm doing well. And, yes, the morning scone has gone, too.

The blechy coffee one certainly helped to sway me. But what really did it was calculating my calorie and carb intake from that one meal - 680 calories and 92 gms of carb. Holy craparoo!!!! So now I bring a concoction of egg whites, low-fat cheese, tomatoes, seasoned with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper and garnished with chives - and bung it into the microwave here at work. Served with copious amounts of water. Healthier definitely, but I do miss the caffeine.

It's all about cutting down on my carbs. Patting my protruding tummy - the time has come. It's the only thing that works for me, drastically reducing my carb intake. I think I might have some sort of gluten intolerance the way my tummy swells as soon as I eat anything containing wheat. It might also be what's behind my farting so to speak.

I can't wait for my delivery - I've ordered six each of the peppermint and chocolate mint. And just three penguins are the equivalent of one cola drink. Oh my, I can see myself flying around the room when I get these!!!


Sally-Sal said...


I just bought some "Spazzstick"!!!

(the world's only caffeinated lip balm). You should try it, it is fabulous!!!

It makes you use lots of exclamation points, too!!!

Fiona said...

OMG!!!! Sally!!!! You've opened the door to a whole new world of caffeinated products!!!! I don't know which way to turn!!!! But caffeinated lip balm!!!! I could apply it during meetings!!!! Trust me most of the meetings I go to need caffeinated something!!!! Thank you!!!!

OMG!!!! The use of exclamation points is catching!!!!

Jonas said...

I get my caffeine via a 24/7 caffeine IV drip. Sure, the drip bag is a nuisance...but, I'm always awake!

Fusion said...

Fly Fiona, Fly!

You can see by my use of just one exclamation mark, I do not use any caffeinated products. *wink*

Fiona said...

Jonas - you're giving me ideas here....*adjusts your drip rate when you're not looking* *L*

Fusion - I will be flying, especially as I'm weaning off right now...when the mints get here...woooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Kohai said...

Well, don't go too freaky on the mints. They are sugar free, but most sugar substitutes, when taken in huge doses, will induce diarrhea. The caffeine won't be helping you there, either.

I still have a HUGE box of them. I've been going easy in them in recent months, but I'm thinking of going back to them - it's cheaper than my liter-a-day habit of Diet Pepsi at work. Unless you're totally opposed to the flavor, I also recommend the cinnamon ones. They can also be fun when mixed together - cinnachocominty fresh...

Fiona said...

Hahahahahaha Matt - even better, weight loss along with the caffeine high!!

I love cinnamon in its natural state but I find cinnamon 'flavoured' food items a little odd. Never could get my tongue nor tastebuds around the original Dentyne, not to mention the new Fire flavour!

Zibi said...

We don't get those mints in SA

Fiona said...

We don't get them here either Zibi...thank goodness for online shopping!!!


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