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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Flavours of Childhood

Anna's comments on soyamilk made me think about how our palates develop. I'd never thought twice about drinking soyamilk and have been doing it since my childhood days. Before it became a healthy option to dairy milk in the western world.

At school, the midmorning break was a bottle of Vitasoy. Kept warm for the cold winter days in a big metal chest filled with hot water, which was replaced with iced water to chill it for the summer months.

and a Bor Law Bao/Pineapple Crust Bun

Nothing to do with pineapples, named so for the way it looks. It's actually a plain bread bun topped with this lovely crunchy sugary, slightly nutty tasting concoction that crumbles away as you eat it.


Matt Kohai said...

Fi, you're doing it again, making me hungry for goodies I should be staying away from. Good thing they're over there and I'm over here... ;-)

Fiona said...

Hides the bor law bao from Matt...sorry ;)

mist1 said...

Soy milk is good. Rice milk is good. Almond milk is divine.

I've never seen it in a bottle. Mine comes in a box.

Fusion said...

Stop it Fiona, stop it! ;)

You're making me hungry, and I'm trying to still lose weight.

Those bor law bao's sure look tasty though....drool.

Fiona said...

Mist - like coke, it tastes better in glass. Mind you, I'm talking 40 years ago here, glass bottles were the only containers you could get ;)

Fusion - they really are yummy but as the saying goes: a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. I hear ya! :)


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