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Monday, April 02, 2007

Home Again

Though this isn't the home where I want to be. I'm now only truly at home when I'm with him. It's getting harder and harder and harder to leave this man. And easier and easier and easier to run into his arms. To be held and loved as only he ever has, me. To hold and love as only I ever have, him.

We had the most fabulous, amazing, awesome, phenomenal time. Just beyond all expectation. Our love grows leaps and bounds, our comfort with each other settles into the depth of our being. We talk, we laugh, we share, we cry and most of all we love, love, love when we're together.

I can't even seem to find words right now to express how I feel about him...it's beyond words. I've never known anything like this. It's so intensely personal.

So instead of speaking of our love, let me tell you about some of the highlights of the trip. I got to see loads of these and for someone who hasn't seen a cow close up, in real life, it was such a treat!!!!

When I thought it couldn't get any better, we stopped in amazement at the sight of two of these in a field right by the road:

Not quite full size but unmistakably bison!!!! And there was one little fellow who was trying to roll over in the dirt and couldn't seem to understand he has a hump on his shoulders that stopped him getting beyond midpoint. It was the funniest thing to watch him keep trying and the older one just looked at him as if to say "dude it's not going to happen".

We drove and drove and drove and saw incredibly beautiful countryside with woods and rivers and some gentle rapids and really lovely farms. Things I haven't seen before. We ate good food, had a few local delicacies and one evening had the best:

with these for our dessert instead of pre-dinner drinks:

I need him.

I want him.

I love him.

My arms and my heart are open to him. And so are his, to me.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for you to move to where he lives, or vice versa? Long distance is tough.

Fusion said...

Welcome back (if not home) Fiona!
Glad you had such a great time with your man. I'm curious as to where you were though, I've only seen buffalo in the Dakotas myself.

Hope you don't have to wait as long to see him next time.

Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Fiona.

I am so happy you got to see your man. I know how hard it is to be without the one you love.

Unspoken Drama said...

Welcome Back! Glad you had a wonderful time. I know all too well how tough it is to be away, especially after such an amazing time together.

Jac said...

Glad you are home safe, if not fully sound! How difficult.

Sunny Delight said...

Welcome back my friend, I am so very happy that you had those wonderful blissful days together, and that he was able to show you some of our beautiful country too! Although...ya know.....you were supposed to visit me to see cows!!!! *VBS*

You are cherished by all of us. Hold onto your memories,the happiness you felt, the complete love. Hold him tightly in your heart, as I know he does the same, how could he not?

Sending tons of hugs your way.

sophie n said...

oh my gosh...you got REALLY close to that cow...lol

i'm so glad you had a good time...

missed your posts...

sophie n

freebird said...

Welcome back Fi, I missed you. How fantastic to be able to travel with your man - wish I could (not your man, you understand!). So glad you had such a wonderful time. Treasure the memories.

Fiona said...

Deb - long distance is soooooooo tough, that's for sure. But he's worth every minute I spend in the air. Hopefully, one day, we can find the togetherness we crave. I know it's something I want with all my heart and soul.

Fusion - wasn't in the Dakotas and they were really just 'show pieces' on a cow farm....but I was beside myself with the excitement of the discovery!! I'm hoping it's not another 3 months as well...it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long :)

Oblivion - isn't it so true, though, that the distance only sweetens the time together :)

Drama - it is...gosh it is. But with every 'see you soon', there is that next time of running into each other's arms :)

Jac - I wouldn't ever swap him for an easier situation, the heartache of parting is worth the love we share :)

Sunny - sorry about the cows....there were just, ummm, there *L*....and so many and so pretty and so cute to watch as they sat watching us!!! We do indeed hold each other so very closely, we leave a part of ourselves with each other, on every trip :)

Sophie - hahahahahha I could have been that close, they were just on the other side of a wire fence, at the roadside....so many of them!!! They have the prettiest faces and I love the black and white ones!!

FB - he continues to stun me with his need to express his love for me. I have told him I'm the luckiest woman on this planet to be with him :)

Matt Kohai said...

Welcome back, Fi. I do hope that one of these days the two of you will be "home" in the same place - it gives me reason to hope for better things for myself as well.

anna said...

Welcome home!!! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time. The goodbyes must be killer, though.


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