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Thursday, May 10, 2007


I don't just crave his kisses.
It's not only about the pressing together of warm lips, the electricity of tongue on tongue.
I crave what those kisses do to me, awakening every cell of my body, making my mind race, holding such promise of things to come.
I crave them so much that I can't bear for them to stop, once we start.

I don't just crave his smile.
It's not only that he expresses spontaneous happiness and joy, when he's with me.
I crave the way his mouth moves into a smile as he catches me watching him, drinking him in.
I crave the sound of his laughter, its intensity, the glimpses he allows me of the little boy within his soul.

I don't just crave his touch.
It's not only the tenderness with which he touches me, the caress of his fingertips on my warm flesh.
I crave the way my skin feels at the mere contemplation of his touch.
I crave that moment just before he touches me, as memory blends into anticipation, and his desire reveals itself to me.

I don't just crave his body.
It's not only the sight of him which drives my excitement, heightens my passion for him.
I crave every inch of him, every texture, every taste, every scent, the warmth of his entire being.
I crave the beauty of his form and each and every curve, angle and plane of his surface.

I don't just crave his voice.
It's not only the tone, pitch, inflection and timbre of the sound of him.
I crave the breath beneath his words and the silence between his thoughts.
I crave the sound of his excitement and his pleasure, the gasps, moans, sighs of desire and delight.

I don't just crave his sexual heat.
It's not only the way he enters me and touches me where no one has before.
I crave how he feels too, at that exact moment when he can penetrate no further.
I crave that look in his eyes when he gazes deeply into mine as he pierces so deliberately into my warmth, just holding himself there, no longer wanting to thrust, needing only to feel surrounded by the centre of my being.

I crave him and everything about him. Always and in all ways.

~ Art courtesy of Gustav Klimt ~


Jonas said...

Now you've done it, Fiona...
you've filled me full of cravings!

Ra. said...

You stole my lines, Jonas!!!

Too beautiful!!!

And Erotic!


Mayden's Voyage said...

I miss this...
This passion- this desire- the longing that is satisfied only by one, only to find the desire re-seeded by being close to him.

And yet- I'm thankful...
Thankful for old love~

Beautiful post-

George said...

A very descriptive explanation defining the word love.

Thanks Fiona

anna said...

Beautiful and sensual.

Sally-Sal said...

I think craving your lover, your soul mate, the man who is your missing 'piece' is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world.

It makes you realize that you're part of something. You're part of that beautiful, feeling, caring, wanting love that only grows the more that you're together.

I have no doubt that one day (and soon, very, very soon, by the feeling I have) your post will be about the two of you being one, living in the same time zone.

The two of you together, in love, sharing your beautiful lives with each other. Putting all the past disappointments behind you, seeing only the promise that the future holds for you. Hand in hand, you'll start that journey towards completion.

I can think of nothing I look forward to reading more than that, Fi.

Fiona said...

Jonas - well now, get thee off and do something about yours ;)

Ra. - hello and thank you :)

Mayden - hello another first time visitor :) My desire never needs re-seeding, it never recedes ;) I'm glad you've known these feelings too, not everyone has been so fortunate.

George - we do, truly, love one another he and I :)

Anna - thank you. It was just one of those days, thinking about him, that I COULD find some words to describe what I find difficult to put into words! :)

Sally - I think my heart will burst when that happens. Even now, with just short visits, the physical desire is almost unbearable. It's like nothing I've ever known in my entire life. Hugs :)

Trueself said...

You've described exactly how I feel about BJ.

Ain't it great to feel that way?

Fiona said...

It's the absolute best feeling in the world :)

Anonymous said...

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite paintings, I have it hanging in my bedroom. I miss that passion, that craving.

Unspoken Drama said...

Holy Cow...whew I think I need a cool shower now. Hehe that was fabulous and as I'm sure you know I read it while nodding my head saying, "Yep...yep I know what she means". What an awesome feeling that anticipation is...second only to the feeling of finally being together and quenching those cravings. Yum...I'm so happy for you and I have to admit a wee bit jealous of you!


Fiona said...

Deb - it's one of my favourites too. It's so evocative.

Drama - I hope you get more good times too. We are soooooooooo ready for this visit!!!! :)

freebird said...

Fiona that's beautiful - and you've put into words exactly how I feel about my man. Fantastic, isn't it?

Fiona said...

FB hiya - one more day and I'm off.... the feelings he and I are sharing right now are way off the chart :)


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