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Monday, May 14, 2007

Stow 'n Go

Look at all that space!!! The Dodge Caravan's Stow 'n Go feature. Given our plans for the vehicle, I've renamed it the Fold 'n Fuck feature. This is going to be a first for us both and so far we've decided to pack a towel (him) and wet wipes (me).

Last chance people, to give two car-virgins some tips. We've made sure we have the space, any last minute pointers for us?


Anonymous said...

You've got the space! YAY! That's more than 1/2 the battle. I suggest (I know this may be impossible) a blanket to throw down on the floor of the van.

It would really suck if his knee gets stuck in one of those holes in the floor. It REALLY hurts. Happened to me but not in the way it may happen to him or you ;) I was simply vacuuming the van out!

Have fun with it :)

mist1 said...

The F&F feature is enough to make me want to take a test drive.

Sunny Delight said...

Experiment, then send a review to Chrysler!

LePhare said...

My Picasso does the same thing. I could have really made use of it twenty years ago.

Where are you going to stow the seats while you make use of the space?

Trueself said...

It's not the most comfy place even with the space. Try to have at least a blanket and possibly a pillow or two with you.



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