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Monday, May 28, 2007


A few pictures from our last trip together. We managed to catch some time at the waterfall just as dusk was settling in, and stayed until after dark. It is such a beautiful place and the colour light show on the falls was just amazing (sorry about the quality of the pics, I don't have a camera for night shots, but I think the water came out looking so beautiful in these!)

The falls from the lookout area - there's an elevator built into the mountainside, thank goodness, otherwise it's a 200+ step access

back down at the base of the falls, for a close-up of the light show

The mountains retained their dusting of winter snow

I named this 'Nipple Hill'

And so that you know we didn't spend our time eating only breakfast while we were there, here's a picture of Joe's Crab Shack where we had a delicious late lunch:


Princess of the Universe said...

Those are beautiful photos!
Thanks for posting!

Miranda said...

Amazing shots.

LePhare said...

Why Nipple Hill? Doh!

Fiona said...

Princess and Miranda - it is such a beautiful place...and one with good vibes too!

Ian - can't imagine where I came up with that, can you? ;)

Unspoken Drama said...

Stunningly beautiful waterfalls!! Looks like a magical place...

Thanks for sharing these.


Fiona said...

He and I are blessed in what we get to share :)

Sunny Delight said...

These are truly beautiful, *L* at Nipple Hill!


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