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Monday, June 04, 2007

We're Having a Heat Wave, a Tropical Heat Wave

Yes, yes I know that should be Marilyn but Carmen is just so 'tropical'.

Yesterday, was Eshaan's third birthday (as some of you may know, the son of my best friend). As his first and second birthdays had gone reasonably quietly celebrated, this year was to be different. VERY different.

It was 125 people (mostly parents and their mini-me's ranging in age from two to seven) on the croquet lawn at Beas River Country Club, with a Jungle theme. And oh my god it was HOT. One of the hottest days of the year so far at 34C (93F) and with the humidity factored in, the heat index took it to 55C (130F). Even with the sanctuary of covered, tented areas I think a few of us were suffering from heat exhaustion at the end of it (those of us who were there from set-up to the end, about five hours in total).

I took refuge in gallons of iced water and lemonade and more than one popsicle. But the sweat was just pouring out of us and with the humidity up at 85%, there's really no drying off at any time. It just pours and pours and you don't ever cool down. I took refuge in a venti red bean frappuccino, purchased on my way home, and after a cold shower, I lay down until my head stopped throbbing. I turned in for an early night at about 10:30pm but was woken by my phone at 12:15am with a call from my love. Now THAT is the most wonderful way to end any day.

But my goodness those kiddies had the BEST day with the bouncy castle, face painting, mini soccer, fishing for goldfish and even Danzi the clown. There would have been ponies, too, but as it's part of the Jockey Club, they are getting the facilities ready for the equestrian portion of the 2008 Olympics which, although to be held in Beijing, Hong Kong is hosting the horsey stuff.

Eshaan was just filled with delight the entire time, running around with his mini pals, enjoying every moment of it - where, oh where, do kids get that kind of energy? And Anuja did just the most amazing job of it all, so much so she now has a new nickname, Julie (a la The Love Boat).


sophie n said...

oh how i wish i could take you to cali where it was a breezy 78 today... : )

Fiona said...

That sounds gorgeous!!!

Relief is in sight here - well a form of relief. Thunderstorms are forecast to start in a couple of days, and run for three or so days. While not ideal, at least it will cool us a little!

Jamie/foundme said...

Wow, I'm hot just reading that one! And I have all that to look forward to, yet, as it's still springy here!

But the reason kids have all that energy is they didn't use it PREPARING or cleaning up the party, that's what I've decided, ha ha!

Fusion said...

Way too humid for me!

wow, 130, huh?

that's killer...

but as long as the kids had fun, that's all that matters.

Fiona said...

Jamie - hahahahhaha I hadn't thought of that and you'd be right!!! Summer has hit us hard and early this year, though we do definitely have hotter summers than ever before.

Fusion - it is the humidity that is the worst part, you just never dry off and therefore your body's cooling system doesn't get to work properly. I was wishing I had elephant ears that day, to fan myself and to act as heat disseminators!! They had an absolute blast and it was wonderful to watch them!

anna said...

55C???? I think I would DIE.

Fiona said...

Anna - I almost did once from heatstroke in Cebu, The Philippines. I've learned what to watch for. Mainly it's the coppery taste in your mouth. That's a bad, bad sign.

I went home and stood under a glorious cold shower, after having cooled myself down internally with the venti frap ;)

Sunny Delight said...

Glad you were able to recover, and it is truly amazing how children can survive joyfully what drains us as adults! Kudos to nooj for giving her son a wondrous day!

Fiona said...

I'm constantly amazed by the energy level of children. Nooj is a truly wonderful mother, that young boy will be an awesome man :)


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