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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today I have an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon to look at options regarding my shoulder. Update : Well he has put his knives away and we're going to continue trying to treat this without surgery. He's not worried about the small tears and feels they will heal over time. However, the MRI shows a large amount of fluid around one of the bursa. He gave me another corticosteroid injection right into it this time. May I just say, holy hell that needle went in a long way in and hurt, hurt, HURT. He commented that there was seepage of the bursal fluid when he took the needle out but I'm unsure if that's a good thing or not. Right now my entire shoulder aches from the shot but I'm hoping it will have me good to go in just over a week ;)

Today I have enlisted the help of the CEO's PA to keep putting my leave request on the top of his in-tray until he signs it. Update : I got it approved!!

Today I shall start negotiating with some hotels for my visit plans. I refuse to pay rack and usually settle for around 50% off. Hey I'm in the industry! Update : I've just discovered that the new head of the department currently works for the hotel company with the nicest hotel there so I've asked her to see what influence she has to get me a severely reduced rate (would have to be, given their rack rates!!)

Today I have quite a few items to knock off my things-to-do-list. Update: Getting there, slowly.

Today I realised that Philip has given me an odd haircut which is shorter at the back, at the nape of my neck, than at the sides, which are longer. I hope that's what he meant to do! Update : It feels like a modified mullet.

Today is my second day of being GOOD about my eating. Update : Still being good :)

Today I woke up loving someone just that little bit more than I did yesterday. Update : And I got to speak with him before he settles in for the evening. He's so wonderful :) :) :) :) :) :)


anna said...

Can you teach me how to negotiate with hotels?

The eating better thing - I started that recently also. I don't know how anal you are about stuff like that, but I've found a site that's pretty helpful. www.fitday.com

Good luck with the surgeon. I'll be looking for an update.

D said...

Fiona - Good news on all fronts then. Just make sure on th eating front that you get the calories you'll need for the trip wouldn't want you flaking out on your guy now would we ;-)

Fusion said...

I've heard those shots hurt Fiona, but hopefully it will help...

Hey I want to know how to get better rates too!
Maybe it's time for a book?

Fiona said...

Anna - thanks for the website, I'll check it out! About hotels, my negotiation tactic is simple, I reveal to them where I work and they fall all over me, mostly, because they want nothing more than a foot in our door ;) We own some of the finest hotels in the world, it's a huge negotiating opportunity. Plus I know that if they have an empty room, they lose money by not booking it for even enough to cover the laundry and cleaning. So always ask about occupancy first and know that if it is low, an upgrade at least, costs nothing ;)

D - good grief I could last an arctic winter with what I have stored away. My name is Fiona and I'm a chocoholic.

Fusion - my whole shoulder, arm and neck hurt this evening. It really was an awfully big outchie and I was such a baby that the nurse came to hold my hand. I had tears in the corners of my eyes. Re hotel negotiatons - see above ;)

Miranda said...

Wow...things are rolling...Glad to hear that they're going to try to treat the shoulder without surgery first.

Another site I've found recently is called: sparkpeople.com it's about health and wellness, and its completely free.

Lickety Split said...


The fact that he got the bursa fluid back at least means the medicine went to the right place...little consolation, I'm sure.

Fiona said...

Miranda - I do seem to be on a roll right now! :) Thank you for the site, I'm going to take a look.

LS - Actually that's a BIG consolation for the pain. At least I know it hit the spot - it does seem a bit better today. Thank you :)

Matt K. said...

Deep muscle injections are a bitch in high heels - but it's good to hear that everything else seems to be right on track. Looking forward ot hearing about the trip when you get back.

freebird said...

Never mind about all that trivial medical stuff - what are you going to do about that dreadful haircut?


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