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Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Big Red Circle

I flipped the page in my diary to the second half of this week and found it sitting there, the big red circle. Around Friday 3 August.

Underneath it I have 8:30am Monthly Operations Meeting and 5:00pm Open House. Well, they can damn well do without my monthly update this time. And as for the Open House (our monthly get-together and chow-down where we celebrate new arrivals, long service awards and birthdays and have a general chin-wag) I have organised the catering, the birthday cake, the awards, the run-down. It will go like clockwork even if I'm not here, everyone has their little role set out and I'm handing the conductor's baton to Anuja, who will more than ably represent HR.

All I care about is that big red circle. At this time tomorrow, I'll be on the way to the airport. And most importantly, on my way to the arms of the man I love. And boy oh boy, we're going to be doing some very intense loving over the weekend. I've never felt this happy in my entire life!

Over and out, for a few days.


Nish said...

Have fun! I am so excited for you. Lucky woman. Go get that man of yours!! ;)

kimba said...

Oh darling have a beautiful time.. :)

D said...


Good speed and as I write this you will be somewhere over the Pacific watching a crappy movie that has been badly edited for the airlines breathing stale air sitting probably next to some idiot. But I know you will be sitting there with love in your heart and a big Chesire Cat smile. Enjoy setting foot for the first time in the country you now know will be a gateway to love and happiness.

Matt K. said...

Pleasant trip, my friend. Don't do anything I wouldn't do (a very short list, really)...

Fusion said...

Have a great time Fiona.

LePhare said...

I urge caution. Be careful on bridges.

freebird said...

Ahem..... don't like to interrupt, but remember that toast? Mission accomplished!

D said...

Fiona I trust your trip has been all you desired and more. Good to see some happiness in this corner of blogworld ;-)

Fiona said...

Nish - I went, I got, I had ;)

Kimba - It just keeps getting better and better :)

D - You got it exactly right about the flight. Plus United managed to screw me up in Denver and I had to wait an extra two hours!!! I wasn't smiling then but as soon as I saw him again, all was right in my little world :)

Matt - wW didn't do much but we did A LOT of it ;)

Fusion - Your turn now...for the BIG adventure. Be safe :)

Ian - Bridges avoided successfully :)

FB - Thank you, I knew I felt something ;)


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