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Friday, August 17, 2007

In the Pink

Life is good. Actually, it's downright excellent. No sore shoulder, no pit in the inside of my cheek, no cramping tummy, could put a dent on how wonderful it is to love and be loved in equal amounts.

Not to say we don't have our 'moments', but the amazing thing with them is that we glide through and hardly touch the sides. And with each of them, we understand one another more. And love one another more. Appreciation is a keyword for the two of us, something we've not had enough of in our lives.

Work is still crazily busy but nothing that can't be handled. Actually, this whole process has shown me I'm a little more capable than I thought. Sometimes that's all we need to prove ourselves, the opportunity.

Opportunity is such a wonderful thing. Getting that chance to do something, be it work or life related. You can go bumbling along for years, getting used to things just being as they are and then suddenly an opportunity arises to prove yourself to others, and even to yourself. To find new pleasures, new successes.

Yes, it's all pretty damn good. I'm smiling (though it hurts just a little).

Every day is a day closer to our goals.


Jonas said...

Oh, I'm smiling, Fiona...knowing that you're smiling, too!

Evening said...

What a beautiful, positive post. I can feel your smile from here.

Fiona said...

Jonas - thank you :) :) :)

Evening - I am very blessed to have found this man. And we are very happy to both have the courage to make changes which will benefit everyone in the long run. Thank you :)

Matt K. said...

If you ever manage to bottle that, could you send some my way, please? ;-)

Fiona said...

Matt - Along with some diet ginger beer? ;)

freebird said...

I've always had the feeling that if you get the love and partner bit right, the rest will just fall into place, or at least be much more manageable.
It's so good to hear you've got the important bit right.

Fiona said...

FB - I agree....totally. It's the cornerstone to so much. And without it, so much is neither possible, nor feasible. I still believe you are going to find that one love, the one to appreciate the fullness of your being.

Big hugs :)


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