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Friday, November 23, 2007

Boys Having Fun

Lupo and his best buddy, Bozo. I'm not sure how many more playdates they'll have, my sister just broke up with Bozo's owner. They'll really miss each other. Lupo and Bozo that is!



Miranda said...

Just stopping in to let you know I didn't just dissappear, I have a new link, we're trying something new:


Swing on by.

Have a good weekend!

Sunny Delight said...

One of those "boys" will be with you soon...and a whole new world of fun...Hey! Maybe he can meet Kiko!

Fusion said...

happy dogs are so much fun, and yes Lupo will be having fun in the snow next fall...

S'mee said...

Sorry I missed your birthday. A belated SUH....... make it two SUH's and a X.

Matt K. said...

Nice pooches. Make me miss my old goofball (the ex took him).


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