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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is This Supposed To Make Me Change My Mind?

After a couple of years at work where nothing much happened to excite, challenge or stimulate my brain, we're planning a year ahead where so much will happen. Good, meaty, substantial stuff that will be hard work, but a joy to be involved with. I'm still struggling to keep my head above water here, but hopefully that will improve by the end of the first month of 2008 and then the plans will start to evolve. Some work will be done with and through consultants, some we'll do ourselves, but all of it is worthwhile and will change the focus and direction of the HR function within the company.

It's hard talking to my boss about the plans for 2008, knowing I won't be here for much of that year, certainly not even half of it. That doesn't stop me from contributing and playing a part in the planning and early execution, and truth be told I find it exciting. I haven't told her of my own plans, yet, of course, and I sometimes have to check myself to not let it slip. There is, however, a part of me that wishes I could see everything we are planning, through. We'll be doing things I've wanted to do for a while now, but just didn't have the right leadership in the team.

Several days ago, I got a call from my ex-boss (actually two ex-bosses ago) who runs an executive search company. I gave him some help with a compensation package for a position he's handling. Afterwards he told me what a joy it always is to talk with me and then he said, "Fiona, I have to tell you about something." He has a search on for a job with what sounds like a wonderful start-up company headed by a CEO with an incredible take on the HR function. He said that I was his first thought when he was given the job scope. It's based in Singapore and the HR person would sit at the decision-making table, not a consideration given to HR in all companies, sadly.

Hearing about the job in Singapore stirred something within me. The opportunity for something new and interesting. And I was also chuffed that he still thinks of me so highly. A year ago I'd have jumped at the opportunity. He asked if he could tempt me away from my move to the States. I told him no, not a chance, to which he laughed and said "I thought not."

Am I having doubts about my plans? No, not a single one. It's not going to be easy but I know my direction and I'm happy with it. Hell, no I'm not, I'm ecstatic about it. Perhaps all these things are happening to challenge my decision, to make me think really hard about this forthcoming life change. But I don't need to think for long, I know I'm making huge changes for the right reason, for love. While I'm certainly going to miss the paycheques, yes, I can see myself not working here. I can see myself not working in Singapore. But I cannot see myself living without the man I love, heart and soul.

This place will survive without me, my ex-boss will find a great person for the Singapore job. And I will be living in, for and with happiness. That, in all truth, is what I've wanted for so many years of my life. Years I filled with work and busy-ness. Now, I'm ready to love and to be loved. And I've found, and been found by, the best man I could have hoped for.


George said...

Sounds like a very good choice ... actually I don't think anything else whatsoever would have been considered LOL

D said...

Fiona you have made such huge changes in your past but never quite like the one your about to make which will be the best one yet. Once your in the States you'll have so many new exciting challenges to confront that it might just take your breath away for a while. Enjoy doing two sets of plan for 2008 and make sure you concentrate on the personal ones more. Best wishes as always D x

Matt K. said...

Hey, it's good to look at what's going on around you, but it need not sway you or tempt you. Enjoy the moment, and I look forward to you being on my side of the pond! You deserve some happiness.

Fusion said...

I'm so excited for you Fiona! And your choices you're making now are for all the right reasons.



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