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Monday, December 03, 2007

Pure Evil

Don't be misled by the alluring pink tin, by the cute little two-bite (or one bite if you're feeling piggy) pieces wrapped in pretty gold foil. This stuff is pure evil.

You can't just stop at one, or even two. No, you are enticed back time and time again, day after day, until there are only a few left in the bottom of the tin and then you realise you've just consumed more than a few thousand calories.

They say that a serving size is three pieces. Yeah, right. No way can you eat only three. But when you realise that those three little butterscotch-encased-by-chocolate-and-topped-in- chopped-almonds clock up 210 calories per 'serving', that's when you know the pure evil ensconced in that pink tin.

Yes, I ate a whole tin in a week. In my defense it was a birthday gift and it would have been rude NOT to eat them all. Wouldn't it?


George said...

It would have been terribly rude ... good for you ... and don't worry about the calories ... they are just random numbers

Sunny Delight said...

Of course you HAD to! It would have been very very very rude not to have eaten them all! *S*

They are delicious aren't they?

Trueself said...

Yes, it would have been horribly rude. You did the only thing you could. Truly, you are a better person for making such sacrifice.

[removes tongue from cheek]

Jamie said...

I feel the same way about Ande's Mints...

Fiona said...

Thank you George, alas they are random numbers that translate very directly to the numbers on my scales!!!

Sunny, I just hope noone gives me anything else like that for a good long while, bang went the 'being good'!! :)

TS - hahahahahhaha you know what it looks like when you press your tongue against your cheek don't you ;) I think I've 'done' Almond Roca for a good long while now!

Jamie - good to see you. We all have our weaknesses, I just wish I didn't have so many!!!

anna said...

Don't you know that there are no calories on your birthday?! Silly woman.

Those do look very yummy.

Happy birthday, by the way!

Fiona said...

Hi Anna - yeah right, tell that to the expanding hips *L*


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