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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life as a Couple

In a matter of a few weeks, Steve will be here with me at last. Which means we will get to do lots of 'coupley' things. Like meals, movies, walks, visiting with friends, having quiet nights at home and so on.

We'll also get to do some of the more exciting things, like seeing these guys on October 21 in Macau:

I can't say they're totally my cup of tea, but armed with light ear plugs to alleviate temporary deafness afterwards, and the already-established promise of not being part of the mosh-pit, I'm all for it.

While over there, I'd like us to take in the new Macau-based Cirque show (Steve's first Cirque experience, my sixth):

I like the way there's one for him and one for me and we'll both enjoy them together.

As the concert and the Cirque theatre are at The Venetian in Macau, and I have a contact there who kindly gives me discounted rates for their suites, we have a fun-packed two-day mini-break already planned for October. I think there might be some time to enjoy some spa treats, too. I know that will definitely appeal to Steve, he's very partial to a good Lomilomi massage. I'll probably have a facial and pedicure, I don't like exposing the bits in between my head and my feet, to strangers.

I can't wait for my husband (my husband, oh how I love saying that and writing that) to get here. So we can do the little things together, as well as these big things. Not to mention, the intimate things. Something tells me that those will be a priority for us, for a long time to come.


~Just Me~ said...

I'm so very happy that its finally there for you, its been going on way too long. I cant wait for my turn!


D G said...

Lincoln park?

I have to chuckle, that's my 15 yr old boys favorite. You do have eclectic tastes!

Give Steve a kiss for me.

Veracity said...

Ooohhh...Cirque du Soleil. Sounds like you guys are definitely in for a really gooooood time! ; )

Fusion said...

Yeah, my thought too: Linkin Park??? Although I do like a song they did with rapper Busta Rymes.

I saw a Cirque du Soleil years ago at the Bellagio Hotel In Las Vegas, SO freakin good! Steve will be in for a treat.

Gillette said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm...I'm a Cirque addict....

I'm happy your husband is coming to be with you. Very. And I'm so glad you have found happies together.

anna said...

I'm looking forward to the two of you being together permanently. :)

Fiona said...

I hope you get your turn soon, Miranda. It's such a glorious feeling, knowing that proper togetherness is no longer so far away :)

Hahahahahahaha DG - it's one of Steve's favs (and yes, his boys' favs too!!) Errrrm I'll give Steve a kiss but not sure he wants one from you LOL....how about a manly-type hug ;)

Veracity - I take it you're a fan too :) ..... oh yes, that first experience really is something, I can't wait to see how Stevel likes it :)

John - well I'll admit to liking one song of theirs, 'What I've Done'. Should be OK with some earplugs and a guaranteed seat!! The show at Bellagio is, I believe, their best. 'O' is brilliant and as for the fitness level of those performers, I'm totally in awe!!

Gillette - me too!!! I can't wait to introduce Steve to them. I remember my first experience, not even at a purpose-built theatre, and I fell in love for life with them :)

Anna - me too!!! We've waited a long time for this, we've been patient, we've put others first. But now, it's time for US US US :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad for you. Enjoy.

Maria said...

I would love to see BOTH Linkin Park and Cirque. Haven't seen either yet...

Fiona said...

Thank you Deb. It's been a long time to wait for this, and we've been patient. Now I just need to get my work life sorted out ;)

Maria - if only you were closer, we'd say...come with!


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