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Friday, September 19, 2008

Dolphin Rings

As I pack up at work and venture off towards the airport, I'm leaving something beautiful to head up my blog while I'm away.

This video is of dolphins playing with rings which they have the ability to make under water to play with.

It isn't known how they learn this, or if it's an inbred ability. As if by magic the dolphin does a quick flip of its head and a silver ring appears in front of its pointed beak. The ring is a solid, donut-shaped bubble about two-feet across, yet it doesn't rise to the surface of the water! It stands upright in the water like a magic doorway to an unseen dimension.

The dolphin then pulls a small silver donut from the larger one. Looking at the twisting ring for one last time, a bite is taken from it causing the small ring to collapse into thousands of tiny bubbles which head upward towards the water's surface. After a few moments the dolphin creates another ring to play with. There also seems to be a separate mechanism for producing small rings, which a dolphin can accomplish by a quick flip of its head.

An explanation of how dolphins make these silver rings is that they are"air-core vortex rings". Invisible, spinning vortices in the water are generated from the tip of a dolphin's dorsal fin when it is moving rapidly and turning. When dolphins break the line, the ends are drawn together into a closed ring. The higher velocity fluid around the core of the vortex is at a lower pressure than the fluid circulating farther away. Air is injected into the rings via bubbles released from the dolphin's blowhole. The energy of the water vortex is enough to keep the bubbles from rising for a few seconds of play time.


Maria said...

I nearly fell asleep watching that. It was so soothing.

Fusion said...

So interesting, I never knew they could do that!

Veracity said...

Amazing. My daughter loved that!

Trueself said...


anna said...

Such magnificent creatures. I could watch that for hours on end.

Fiona said...

I'm so glad you all enjoyed this as much as I did. It is totally mesmerizing!!


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