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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nothing From Me, But Don't Miss Maria's Post

I don't have anything to say today, but please do go over and visit Maria and read this post.

I dare you NOT to laugh out loud!!


Fusion said...

Nice countdown thingie Fiona :)

Getting excited are we? heh heh

Maria rocks. No matter what she writes about...

Loving Annie said...

That was a tragic and incredibly moving story that you left on my 'intervention' post. I had published it early / mistake - it is due to run tomorrow, and will be back there - with your comment - then. Thank you for writing so much, and telling the truth so bravely and fully like that. You told the story of the cop I liked so much and the girlfriend he lived with for 6 years who juust drank herself to death this last february - 18 months after they broke up...


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