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Monday, February 23, 2009

As The World Turns ~ Updated ~

Did someone crank up earth's orbital speed? Is it just me or are the days morphing into weeks and the weeks morphing into months? If I thought 2008 went by fast, it has nothing on the speed 2009 seems to be moving at!!

Some highlights for the next few months are:

٭ Arrival of my best friend's twin boys (March 10 or 12 under c-section) ٭

٭ Journey concert, Macau, 20th March ٭

٭ Coldplay concert, 25th March ٭

٭ Weekend luxury stay in a 5-star hotel suite 27th through 29th March ٭

٭ Easter - pondering a quick trip somewhere with hubby ٭

٭ Toffee and Lupo arrive on 15th April ٭

٭ By May 7 we have to find a new place to live ٭

٭ Steve's boys arrive 17th June for three weeks ٭

٭ On the 21st June we're all off to Phuket for a week ٭

And before I know it, half the year will be gone.

Is your world turning as fast as mine?


Fusion said...

umm, yeah Fi, we're into the last week of Feb now...
Life seems to speed up the older you get I think.

Totally jealous of the Coldplay concert, but jazzed to see you're getting your dogs in April!


anna said...

Wow, so much excitement in your life! Its all good, though.

And yes, time is flying for me too. The twins are already four months old!

Charmed said...

Yes! And then on October 9th, Charmed and Dunnski will be wed in a beautiful fall ceremony!

Loving Annie said...

The older I get, the faster it goes, Fiona !

Sounds like you will be having a wonderful year - very happy for you !

Hope you find an excellent new place to live by May 7th. *blessings*

freebird said...

Oh yes indeed it is. It seems like only yesterday that I was ordering stuff for my house and thinking 'oh no, how can I possibly wait 'til February?'. That was in November!


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