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Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Meow and a Woof and a Reunited Family

Thank you Agriculture and Fisheries Department for re-classifying Canary Islands under Spain, making it a Group II country for the importation of pets into Hong Kong. Which means no six-month stint in the UK for them. Once the six-month blood test has been done, Lupo and Toffee are free to come to join us here! In March!

I was in the middle of writing another post when this news hit......basically Rhona is trying to tell me that she's not going to give up Lupo as SHE can give him a better life. Yes, this is the woman who has allowed her boyfriend to break my dog's spirit, this is the woman who thinks it is okay for him to be refused permission to even step foot in the lounge in his own home, this is the woman who has relegated him to having a rag on the floor as his bed, this is the woman who leaves him home alone overnight when she's too pissed to get back and this is the woman who doesn't know what she'll be doing in one month, three months, six months.

Yes, she is also the woman who has looked after him for eight years, this is the woman who has given him a lot of love, this is the woman who makes sure he has a run on the beach whenever possible, this is the woman who will drive for two hours to get him up onto the mountain to play in the snow in the winter. I'm aware of all the goodness she's given him, I can see that. Toffee, not so much, he is clearly a love-deprived animal and isn't looked after that well - nor was Sai-Loh, with tragic results.

Over the years, she's allowed her boyfriends to dictate how my dog lives his life. He's gone from having his own chair, his own bed, to nothing. So little comfort that he has callouses on his elbows. And, for her to now have the nerve to say that she can look after Lupo better than I can, well I don't think so missy.

I'll get nasty over this, if I have to. This is where Lupo belongs, where he feels safe and secure. And this is where he's going to be very soon, cuddling with me on my couch. Whenever he wishes to.


just a thought said...

I'm probably being needlessly cynical, and Rhona has spent much time and love with Lupo, and will indeed miss him...but can't help thinking she probably wants money, maybe feels entitled to compensation for those eight years (yes, nevermind the money you've already given her over the years). Oh hell, I'm just happy you're to be reunited. It's about time...but have your living arrangements changed? I thought you were still in the high-rise?

Fiona said...

Woman!!! Where on earth have you been and where are you writing these days??? Email me if you can.

Not cynical at all, unfortunately and not only I, but my best friend, echoes those thoughts. I think she's panicking at the thought of having to pay for rent for the first time in eight years and I paid that in exchange for her looking after my pets. Plus I've always paid for any big expenses relating to them and have (well until about a year ago when she came into her inheritance) sent her regular cash infusions.

We're still in a high-rise in the middle of town, yes, but will be moving in May to one of the outlying islands where there are beaches, loads of walks, plenty of dog-friends to find and cleaner air. It will mean fairly long commutes for Steve and I into work and I'll find a dogwalker to take him out twice during the day (I'll do first thing in the morning and evening). I'd like him here with me in the high-rise for a few weeks to settle him in and walk him during my lunch breaks (I live that close-by).

I hope this doesn't get nasty, I still have all her money because she still hasn't sorted out her own bank account so if push comes to shove, I may have to hold her to ransom!!!

Loving Annie said...

Will send most earnest prayers and hopes that you get both of your beloved pets Lupo and Toffe back, Fiona....
I suspect the rent issue is indeed part of it. Hold her to ransom if you must because by May they will have a wonderful place to romp and play on the island !

Jac said...

OMG, great to see you again! You have an evergrowing family homecoming! How wonderful for you to get to sleep w/ all your l9oved ones again -- and all at the same time!! I'd call that heaven.
hugs to you dear friend.

Gillette said...

Oh, my good luck with all that.

Why is it that family can be so challenging when we should be a haven to each other. But it seems we cause each other the most pain. Sighs.

Fusion said...

Fucking right you're going to get your pets back!
Oh this makes my blood boil Fi, because you know how my daughter's lazyass BF threw both my dog and cat outside in much the same mannner, until I came home for good and threw his worthless good for nothing ass out instead! And my cat is now next to feral and I can hardly pet him anymore! At least I was able to give my dog a good last few months of life before I had to put her to sleep.

You go over there and pick them up yourself if you have too! And give them a hug and scruff from me when you do...

Sorry I ranted a bit, but this is close to my heart...

Fiona said...

Thank you Annie, I think she's holding him to ransom - she knows I'll keep her on rent-free terms while she has him. So sad, because I was quite willing to give her six-months grace until I sell the apartment.

Hey Jac - good to see YOU :) :) Yes, it will be wonderful to all be together again and on top of that Steve's boys will be visiting in the summer for three weeks so it will be a very full and joyous household indeed :)

Gillette - yes, it seems those tied to us by blood are always the ones to inflict the deepest wounds. She has reneged on our agreement and I know she's being heavily influenced. That's what I dislike the most.

John, I was so saddened by Chelsea's experiences and so glad you came back to her at the end so that her last memories were such good ones.

It makes my blood boil too, that he is so restricted in his own home, that he can't have a proper bed because her own dog in her advanced age pees on EVERYTHING and that he clearly wants to be up on the couch being cuddled and hugged and is denied that love. Gggrrrr!!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy that you will be able to be reunited (finges crossed) with Toffee and Lupo.

so this "friend" lives in your former home? and does what she wants? does she pay you rent?

get your babies back as soon as possible so you can breathe easy.

Fiona said...

oooops I should have been more specific....Rhona is my sister and she's lived in the apartment I'm paying the mortgage on for eight years, for free, in exchange for looking after my three, now two, pets. That was their best option at the time. Now it's not, and especially because of how she's treating them....which isn't how I want them treated.

Maria said...

I don't really understand much of the whole story here, but I am very happy that you will be getting your dog back. I never liked dogs until Socks arrived at our house; now he sort of rules the roof.

Don said...

I can't wait to hear the pet reunion stories!

anna said...

oh how wonderful! Your babies are coming home! I'm so excited for all of you! This is such wonderful news. I can't wait to read about the reunion and see photos.

patsy said...

oh fi! what fabulous news!!

the best part... march will be here before we know it!!

woo!! hoo!!



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