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Monday, August 24, 2009

A New Outlook

Finally, a couple of photos of the view from our new apartment (click to enlarge):

This photo shows the view over the bay with the beach to the middle-left. The monstrosity appearing just in front of the beautiful mountains is a new 5-star hotel, left half-built since last year. In front of the curved building are some lovely bay-side restaurants and on the right of it is the ferry pier.

A slightly hazy day but you can see in the distance, the business centre of Hong Kong, with Hong Kong Island on the right and the Kowloon peninsula on the left and the harbour flowing between. The first island to the right is Peng Chau, originally a little fishing village but now it's a little commuter island (with some very good local restaurants I've heard).

It's a far cry from the view we left behind:


Fusion said...

What great views Fiona! Beautiful.
The condos on the far side of the bay in the first photo remind me of some similar ones in Newport Beach, California.
I have wondered what you and Steve have been up to lately, now I know! Congrats on the new place :)

Fiona said...

Actually, we've been spending an inordinate time over the weekends, enjoying our new bed!!

We're enjoying our new home so much, our first really together, and preparing for the addition of Lupo and Toffee who should be here within three weeks!!

patsy said...

so excited for you, fi! the new digs are beautiful. looking forward to seeing a photo of Lupo on his new terrace!

freebird said...

Well I thought your old views were pretty amazing, but this..... WOW! Congratulations! Keep on enjoying the bed, you lucky pair! xx

Gillette said...

Lurvelee...you are Blessed!

S'mee said...

Hi Fi, looks good to me. Had a dry time........word wise and am now catching up on some reading. X

Mr. Condescending said...

oh wow that looks incredible! you're so lucky!

Maria said...

Lovely views. So...I am hoping to learn even more about Hong Kong. I've never visited and always wished to.


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