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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Musical Interlude(s)

We're nothing if not a little eclectic with our musical tastes.

This Saturday we're off to catch Muse on tour.

And then on the 24th of March it's Sir Tom Jones. How good of him to come all this way to entertain us on our second anniversary ;)

But one thing I can assure you, this gal won't be throwing her big panties on stage!


D said...

Glad to hear it and am sure you'll have a blast at both events - Muse are fantastic live :-)

Fiona said...

D - hiya :) :)

They were pretty good...a bit too loud though. I think they were pissing their audience around by making us wait a whole hour with no opening act....I was ready to go home!!! And I think it really was the band as the venue were ushering people in with announcements that the show would start in 5 minutes (it didn't start for another 45 minutes!!)

Am looking forward to Tom!!!

D said...

Fiona - Perhaps they are starting to believe their own hype these days. I think thats why I love following new bands so much as they tend to be more eager to please. I'm sure Tom will be quieter and far more professional. get those biggsies ready ;-)

D said...

Hi Fi hope he blew you away and those bigsies stayed in place ok ;-)


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