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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Steve left this morning, for a two-week trip to his old home town, Lansing.

There is a sad dog at home, a sad cat at home and a sad wife at work, about to be a sad wife at home with the sad dog and sad cat.

But it's really all good once we all get past the 'missing him' aspect of this. He needs to have the opportunity to see his kids, his mother, sister, nieces, grandmother, etc. Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Oh, and the other plus for me is that although I love cooking, it gets tiring every night after a 12-hour day and so I'm bringing in the instant ramen big guns for the next 15 dinners ;)



Fusion said...

You know the old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder".
Enjoy the cooking lull.

Loving Annie said...

Hope the ramen are still tasting yummy! Nothing like easy sometimes, you know? Smart of you to do it that way!

I wondered, Fi - is there any chance you migbt be able to assist me with getting a one night comp for the Verandah Suite at The Bevely Wilshire in Beverly Hills, CA., maybe on June 26th ? I'd like to write a review of them.

That date would be great for me, but if it is another night later in the year, (off season) that is okay too.

Just thought I would ask and see if it was possible. Thank you hugely if it is, Fiona!

My work e-mail is : truetraveltreasuresatgmaildotcom

Becka said...

Boo :)

patsy said...

hoping the time flies... but enjoy the me-time!



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