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Friday, November 05, 2010

52nd Anniversary

Hard to believe but I'm only two weeks away from celebrating the 52nd anniversary of my arrival!

We thought long and hard about what to do to mark the occasion.....dinner in Hong Kong....short trip somewhere like Bangkok, Tokyo, Singapore....and have settled on a quick excursion over to Macau to catch the new show, The House of Dancing Water, as I really want to see it. A confirmed 'O' fan, I'm eager to see how this measures up.

this will be the view from our seats - I can now see why they are so pricey!

The plan is to go over on Friday afternoon, see the show that evening (managed to secure hard-to-get best seats), relax the next day, do some sightseeing, maybe dabble a little in the casino, definitely fit in some spa time, eat some good Macanese food, overnight again and return on Sunday afternoon. We've chosen the Hard Rock Hotel as it looks like fun.

Update - duh me, I forgot they're holding the Macau Grand Prix on the very days we will be there. Rule out the sightseeing, the main roads will be turned into a racing circuit from 6am to 6pm - never mind, the spa and slot machines will keep us entertained....plus there are loads of food options out where we'll be. When the hotel GM told me it was a busy weekend but he could still take care of me, little did I realise!


Loving Annie said...

The show looks like it will be incredible, Fi and you definitely have great seats - have a great upcoming anniversary weekend!

Fusion said...

Happy almost Birthday Fiona!
Enjoy the show, it looks awesome.


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