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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Dog Named Sam

Warning: This is very, very hard to read. But everyone even thinking of buying a dog should read it. Everyone who has ever turned from rescue organisations and gone into a pet shop, should read it.

For Sam, and so very many dogs just like him.

Adopt, don't buy.

My Lupo (above, right, just after I found him and his brother dumped on the street) could have ended up just like Sam. And I can't begin to tell you how he has enhanced my life, and that of everyone who comes into contact with him. He gives me, and Steve, so much more than we would ever be able to give him.

I love my darling boy so very much!


Sally-Sal said...

Fi, this moved me to tears. I wanted to snatch the dog off that table and take him home. Take all of them home.

Fiona said...

Me too, Sal, me too. I don't think I could have let that happen.

It's so tragic that they are wasted while people insist on a 'pedigree'....there is nothing better than a mixed breed to me!!!

Fusion said...

So sad. And the stupid reasons given by people who don't deserve to own animals. I remember the reason given by Taz's former owners: they were remodeling their kitchen and couldn't take care of him. WTF?

I always adopt, Roxie (our 14lb fur baby) was rescued off a truck a few minutes before it was leaving to euthanasia all the collected animals. A week later she came to live with us, but I still think about the other dogs and cats that were on that truck...

Fiona said...

Oh John, how incredibly hard that must have been but thank goodness you have Roxie (love the name!)

Sai-Loh, my cat that passed away, was within hours of being euthanised, too.

As for Taz's ex owners....ugh. And thank goodness he has such a wonderful place with Kimba, now :)

Anonymous said...

bawling and hugging my little tazman hard.. until.. his eyes have gone a little glazey and he just gave a bit of a squeak.. mebbe I should release my grip a bit.

I was telling the renovating previous owners story just today to a stranger at the next cafe table to us. He had rescued 4 viszlas and pointers and was telling me their stories as well.
I think the renovating previous owners must have been kind to him -as he grew up lovely - but how could you surrender your dog to a pound?!!

I still look at rescue sites most weeks. I'd love to rescue more.

thanks for this fi.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I didn't read the story, because I was afraid it would be too painful. I would buy a dog from a reputable breeder, but not from a puppy mill. And the breeder is all in theory, because I've only in real life adopted dogs that needed homes. My baby Genevieve, we got through a Keeshond rescue, because she's half Kees, half Sheltie. We've had her for 8 1/2 years now, and she's the sweetest dog we could have wished for. My next dog will also be a rescue, definitely.

Charmed said...

We recently adopted a little bichon frise from out animal society that came from a neighboring state that had been devastated by tornadoes. He lost his owners, but he found a good home.

God Bless!


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