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Friday, July 14, 2006

Centred in Self.....or Self-Centred

Or maybe just plain selfish?

Centred in self, I let the energy flow from me. Everything I give you, I do so willingly and comfortably. I have enough for you and me, I do not worry about sharing. And I know I shall always have enough.

When self-centred, I must have the energy flow to me, for me. I need validation and recognition. I need, I just need. Look at me, see how wonderful I am. Give me whatever I ask for, I know you want to.

And selfish? Well that's keeping everything in me, for me and me alone. I will take whatever I want without concern for you. I might run out of it. So I'll take more than I need, just to have it. And my rainy days are more important than your todays.

Which am I? I am centred in self.

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Sunny Delight said...

Yes my dear friend you do seem very centered in self....

I at times feel that way, and others..I fear I am also self-centered..not your whole definition perhaps...I sometimes search for that energy flow coming into me...it seems to be a need to replenish, to be able to give more..and I have a strong need to feel validated sometimes.


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