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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Praline, Truffle or Just Plain?

It's interesting the chocolates that people choose. Some like the nuttiness of a good praline, or the light velvet of a truffle. And yet others want their chocolate pure, unadulterated and well, plain.

Like these little bites of decadence, the consumer could well be described in similar terms. There are the nutty ones, the smooth ones, and the ones who prefer no embellishment at all. Then of course there are the creams and ganaches, the whole nuts, the fruits. And the fruit creams, the caramels. And let's not forget - the liqueurs!

And ooooohhhh! The muted shades. Everything from unchocolatey white to creamy rich brown milk, to the purist's choice - the rich bittersweet, almost-black, dark chocolate.

Does anyone have an absolute favourite?

My childhood is filled with memories of the way Cadbury (the very pedestrian British manufacturer) would stick to the roof of my mouth. To later developing a taste for finer handmade chocolates by way of befriending the pastry chefs in hotels where I worked. To now having something of a penchant for the finest of the fine.

A bit like life really, from basic taste to developing a palate. And then refining that palate towards being satisfied by only the very best experiences, those that are exquisitely delightful.

Like a mouthful of perfection, the balance of a fine milk chocolate-coated praline (my personal favourite).


DG said...

Hershy chocolate was the only candy I ate.

Fiona said...

with or without nuts DG ;)


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